April Regional Pro Series

April Regional Pro Series

This is no April Fools Day joke... this is the real deal. It's the April unboxing of one of the 10 different MONSTERBASS boxes this month. The COVID-19 virus is keeping us all from visiting our favorite tackle shop, so we here at MONSTERBASS have exactly what you need... that's a box full of the best bass fishing baits for the places you love to fish. 

The joy is in the journey and we can't wait to see what you catch each month.

So if you're interested in taking your tackle selection to the next level, our team hand selects perfect tackle & gear based on where you love to fish the most.

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Video Transcript

Hey, guys. Good morning. It's Rick at MONSTERBASS and this is the April box. It's not April Fool's Day, this is no joke. It's the real thing and I've got it right here for you. I'm going to walk you through it in just a second. But before I do, I just want to go over a couple of quick things. You know, the world we live in is a lot different than the world we lived in a month ago. The coronavirus has affected us in ways that no one could ever imagine. None of us has been through this. So let's just remember that we're all in this together. Let's find a way to have some humor. Let's find a way to be patient with one another and understand that it's not business as usual no matter what anyone says.

Some of the biggest brands in the industry are shutting down and rightfully so, though. The safety and well being of their employees is a lot more important than the supplying of baits. Thankfully for MONSTERBASS, it's business as usual. We have had to pivot a little bit so instead of six regions this month, there's going to be about 10. Some of our supply has been delayed and it's forced us to reach out to new partners.

So this month, like I said, there'll be about 10 different configurations. Just understand that please, and also be patient. FedEx, UPS, the mail, they're now shipping supplies that we need all over the country and boxes like ours might take an extra day. Just understand that that's okay. We're going to get it to you. I know waiting sucks but everyone's doing their best. So with that, let's just walk right through this box.

So like I said, about 10 different configurations. You got a card, we got this little coronavirus sticker. I don't know, I was just trying to find a way to make fun of it. All right, well this is dope. So ah, man, Headbanger Lures. I've been waiting for this for a long time. If you guys haven't heard of Headbanger, go check out Nick, the Informative Fisherman. He works with Headbanger a lot and this is a really unique RockerHead that pairs perfectly with these craws from Gambler. You put these two things together and I promise it's going to be unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's never been in another box and it's an exclusive, something that we've been excited about. We'll have a video for you on how to use that coming up.

Love this. Z-Man Spinnerbait with the LiveWire. This thing, it's so sensitive, and when you retrieve that thing, you get a bite, you're going to feel it right away. It's so good. Love this. We got some hooks as usual, Topwater bait from Reaction Strike.

I did something a little different this month, I sent everyone a frog. Now I know what you're saying, "Rick, it's not frog season for me," but I sent you an email. I'm so excited for frog season I couldn't wait, and I know everyone loves frog season. These are a Popper Phrog from Blitz or sorry, yeah, from Blitz Lures. I think there's some Popper Phrogs, there's some regular, three different types of frogs. Everyone's going to get one of those. Super excited for that.

KBD 2.5, one of my favorite baits of all time. Great this time of year. It dives three to five feet, it's perfect for banging off a structure, especially when the fish are starting to transition to different levels of the water column. And then instead of, you know, some of our competitors, they go out and they make their own product. We partner with the best, so instead of making our own mono or fluoro, we went and partnered with Strike King.

Strike King came out with a brand new Tour Grade line so every box is going to either have 30 pound braid or some 10 or 12 pound mono. Now I think there might be some fluoro, too, I'm not sure. But the cool thing about Strike King and what they did with their line was first of all, there's this suction cup on the side so you can just stick this to the side of the boat, spool your reel, it stays on, it's perfect.

They've also got this really great recycling program and that's one of the cool things about Strike King and Lews, and their commitment to the environment, right? We want to protect our environment so that our children's children can enjoy the same fisheries that we do. Strike King will actually pay for you to recycle your old spool so when you're done, you just mail it back. They'll take care of it for you. I think that's really great and that's why we support companies like Strike King and Lews.

So there you have it, this month's box. Like I said, there's about 10 different boxes. Everybody's getting Strike King, the Tour Grade line. Can't wait for frogs. It's a great box and again, stay safe, find a way to have some humor, and please be patient with deliveries. If you haven't tried it out today, sign up. There's a promo code down below. You got any questions, hit me up. I'm happy to help you out. Again, my name is Rick and I run MONSTERBASS. Have a great day.

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  • I’m in need of your help! After a great few weeks with on of my lures put my April box I have finally lost it today after catching countless numbers of bass and pickerel. I’m reaching out for your help to help me get the name of this lure from my April box I have the highest box subscription in the northeast region. If you could help me with a box card that was in my box that’s be awesome. It was the sunny daze of something like that

    Joshua Lusiak |
  • How do you choose your boxes I only throw top water baits , spinnerbaits,frogs and finesse worms and I only use braided line how does this word

    Randall Rogers |
  • Just received my first box for April. It has a very good selection of lures for prespawn bass fishing in michigan. I had MTB and it was not even close to the same quality! Good job Monsterbass!!

    Samuel Pickard |
  • I just placed an order for a box. It will be for my 5 year old daughter who loves fishing so hoping for stuff she will love :)

    Savana Farewell |
  • Havent received my monsterbass box for April has it been sent

    Shawn Riddle |
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