BASS FISHING BASICS 101: Weather and Conditions for Bass Fishing

BASS FISHING BASICS 101: Weather and Conditions for Bass Fishing

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Understanding Weather Conditions and How It Effects Bass

Bass fishing is just as much about the weather and conditions, as it is the baits you select. I would even argue that it may be most important to understand how the conditions affect bait selection and fishing location than having hundreds of baits in your boat!


1. How weather affects bass

Bass react very specifically to slight changes in weather conditions. On cloudy days, bass are more likely to expose themselves and act more aggressively, so choose moving baits like spinnerbaits and chatterbaits that cover water more effectively to best balance your pace on the to increase how many potential fish you might cross, with not missing bites.

When the weather turns warm and sunny, bass tend to hold tight to cover and ambush prey in a more concealed manner. On these days, bottom bouncing a jig or texas rigging a soft plastic might be a better option that allows you to fish near and around cover or structure.

2. How temperature affects bass
The time of year and water temperature affect bass drastically in how they behave and eat. I like to start out with a general rule of thumb. When the water is warm, you can fish faster moving baits. When the water temperature is cooler, baits that are fished slower may be a better bet. Although this rule is general, it is a great starting point when combined with all three tips from this read.


3. Wind throws a curveball…

Wind seems like it may make fishing more difficult, however it may be the opposite! As long as conditions allow you to get out and be safe, then wind may provide you with more productive fishing! Wind “stirs up” the bass, and the bite will often pick up. On those days, throw a thumping and thumping bait to draw aggressive bass out to eat.

Weather, temperature, and wind are your first considerations when heading out on the water to catch some bass. Understanding these three basic climate factors will better increase your chances of finding success on the water. Now get out and catch a monster! Tight lines!


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