The 3 Best Places to Find Summer Bass

The 3 Best Places to Find Summer Bass

BEST 3 Places to Find Summer Bass

Summertime can bring blistering heat and a tough bite. Here are my favorite 3 places where I catch most of my summertime bass. Try them out for yourself to see if you can find a few monster bass!

Tributaries & Large Creeks

Blistering heat and high water temps restrict the amount of oxygen offered to the bass. Current entering the lake or pond as well as healthy vegetation offer bass the oxygen they need. Tributary streams and creeks provide current, nutrients, and often cooler waters. Fishing the wider streams and creeks near current seams/breaks as well as curving banks will often produce good bass in numbers. If the creek is small, and flows quickly into the lake, fish the mouth where the current meets the lake, or fish the ledges and drop offs just inside the lake.

Boat Docks

The shade provided by boat docks and the boats they house provide just enough shade and reprieve from the sun that bass will flock to them in desperation. I like fishing a finesse worm or Ned Rig in the shaded pockets near boat docks. Dock fishing is a numbers game, so throw on the trolling number and target the coolest looking places while covering good ground.

Main Lake Points

Main lake points are often steep drop offs that offer summer bass the opportunity to feed shallow in the morning and evenings, while also providing them with reprieve in deeper pockets of water close by. Bumping and hopping lures along the deep pockets during the summer heat is a great way to get bit by big summertime bass.

Hopefully this may help dispel the notion that summer bass “turn off” and won’t bite what you have to offer. Remember, find the places they can easily eat before cooling off. If you can’t find them there, check for oxygen rich areas. It is as simple as that! Now go out and hook a giant! Tight lines!

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