4 Bass Baits to ALWAYS Have Tied On

4 Bass Baits to ALWAYS Have Tied On

4 Bass Baits to ALWAYS Have Tied On

If you can only bring a small bag or box of tackle with you bass fishing, take these four items into consideration to always have your bases covered! Having these 4 baits will guarantee that you can fish most waters and structures effectively and efficiently! This should get you out on the water, and ready to hook a monster bass!



How can you beat a senko stick bait? It is such a versatile tool that hooks great numbers of fish. Texas rigged, carolina rigged, ned rigged… You name it, you can make it work and catch fish on almost any body of water in any place in the country!

The Drop Shot

Separating the senko mentioned above from the drop shot was a difficult decision. However, the versatility of the drop shot using all types of baits at the modern anglers’ disposal is incredible. Fishing a drop shot throughout different parts of the year allows you to fish in any part of the water column or schooling fish in a way that a simply rigged senko cant. This is why a drop shot is an essential tool for any angler to have with them at all times.

Lipless Crankbait

Still on the topic of versatility, every angler should have a lipless with them! With a unique sound and sink rate, you can use a lipless crankbait to fish most of the water column and draw a bite similarly to other fast power fishing baits. Unlike the other power fishing baits, you can slow down a lipless crankbait and slow roll it when bass are less active. In addition, a lipless can be ripped, stripped, popped, and retrieved straight effectively also. Like I said… super versatile!

Weedless Jig

The jig is probably my favorite confidence bait. Weedless jigs in a few general colors and weights are by far the best go-to bait for me in most bodies of water for certain techniques. I love swimming, pitching, flipping, and jigging lighter weedless jigs with different trailers in my local waters. Using a super heavy jig with a stout hook even lets me punch lighter mats in a pinch! Fishing docks or shallow structure with a jig usually produces most of the year for me, and that’s one reason I always have a jig of some kind tied on!

Here are my top 4 best baits to always have tied on your rods, and I hope they find you as many fish as they do me! Experient with color, size, and weight to see what fits best for you! Tight lines, and go out and catch yourself a monster bass!


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