BASS FISHING BASICS 101: Where and How to Catch Bass

BASS FISHING BASICS 101: Where and How to Catch Bass

Expert Tips On Where & How to Catch Bass

Here are three of the easiest steps to follow to find and catch bass in all waters for most of the year!


1. Find Cover & Structure

The easiest way to find bass in most waters across the country is to find some form of differentiation in the structure along the banks or subsurface on lake bottom. This can look different in different places. For example, in some bodies of water, it may mean lake points, docks, downed trees, steep drop-offs, grasses, lily pads, etc. Once you locate the variation in cover, yo can begin to dissect which types of cover are holding more bass or bigger bass. These aren’t the only places where you will find bass, but they are the places where catching fish might be easier to begin with.

2. Bass eat. Match the “Hatch”

When fishing for any species of predatory fish, we often still use the term “match the hatch” to reference that we are attempting to imitate the forage or food source the bass are keying in on. One great way to determine the main forage staples in you body of water is to look for the smaller minnow or panfish along the banks. Additionally, look for crawfish or frogs, anything a bass will target to eat. You then can choose a bait that better imitates the food your bass are more accustomed to seeing regularly in both shape/profile and color. This will help to better narrow your bait search down to a few options.

3. Versatility is key

Do not be one-dimensional in your approach. It is better to be a jack of all trades, and a master of none, rather than mastering only one technique. You never know what the conditions or mood of the fish will throw at you on any given day, so you better practice all the techniques you can to better your odds at catching a monster bass. Using resources like these articles are a great starting point to better your angling, or to learn about newer/different techniques that may help you on the water!

Hopefully this helps newer anglers with the basics on how to diversify their fishing, as well as provides them with some base to build on with the remainder of the BASS FISHING BASICS 101 series here on the Monsterbass blog! Now get out and catch yourself a monster!


Colton Orbaker
Author, teacher, guide, photographer, content creator

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