Best 5 Top Fall Bass Baits

Best 5 Top Fall Bass Baits

The fall bass fishing season can be one of frustration or glory. Many anglers slow down, but fishing doesn’t have to! Here are my favorite top 5 bass baits to throw this fall season!

Lipless Crankbait

If you need to cover water quickly in the search for traveling fish, then a lipless crankbait is ideal for fall movement. I like to throw a lipless because it imitates a vast number of forage foods that bass are keying in on this time of year. Burning a lipless along a bankline or along transitional structure is a great way to get bit during this time in the season.


Jigs are my go-to baits all year long, and the fall can really show the jig’s true colors. Jigs hopped, dragged, or swam through or on top of hard cover will get crushed! Jig color is important, so pay attention to the color of the crawfish you may


When it comes to tubes, the falling spiral and rate of fall the bait has in the water column is very unique and will often get you additional bites in the late fall when fish become sluggish. Tubes imitate crawfish really well, and are a good bait on days you can match the colors of the crawfish well.


It doesn’t get much better than fishing around schools of baitfish with a jerkbait in the fall. When bass are aggressively feeding, a jerkbait will get big strikes when you discover the magic pop rhythm needed for the day. Hard baits or soft plastic flukes both work well. Just be sure to match the forage in your water.



Spinnerbaits can be fished in so many ways and at so many speeds that it may be the most versatile bait on the list. It may not be the best bait on ultra finesse days, but most days it gets obliterated! Fishing a lighter bait slowly, or a heavier bait quickly both offer something different to the bass and can be used throughout the fall to cover most applications. 

Hopefully this will help you the next time you are out on the water this fall! Don’t let chilling temperatures prevent you from fishing. Now go hook a monster!

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