Catching Cold Weather November Bass

Catching Cold Weather November Bass

Catching bass this late in the season can be tough sometimes. Often, many anglers would have packed it in by now, but not you! Here are a few tips to catch some cold weather November bass!

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As temperature drops, bait fish begin to run in tighter schools. This means that many of the bass caught this time of year, can be the biggest of the season! Also, when you find a bite, there is a good chance that more fish will be located in one place.

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On warmer days this late in the season, you can often find bass on the first structure point up shallow on a weed line or rock pile offshore. They will bite any rattling bait that puts off good vibration. I start with boat docks, and gradually work my way deeper finding different structure further out.

As the temperature drops further, then I begin heading deeper and inevitably begin to incorporate the drop shot in the deeper depths. Look for channel drop offs and other bottom structure to target first, while scanning for fish and bait. 

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Remember! Patience is the key with numbers game days. You may go longer without fish in the colder end of the season, but when you find a biggun’ you can find a true monster! Get out and hook yourself a mega!

Colton Orbaker
Guide, Author, Teacher, & Content Creator
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