5 Jig Trailer Options To Help You Catch More Bass

5 Jig Trailer Options To Help You Catch More Bass

Bass fishing jigs come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and having a variety of them on hand is one of the keys to catching bass under a wide range of conditions. One way to make these bass fishing lures even more versatile is to know the different jig trailers that can be used. Changing your trailer will allow you to adjust the speed at which the jig falls or match different forage.

Switching your trailer can also affect how quickly your jig falls. In some instances, a faster fall will trigger a reaction bite, and when bass are less active or suspended, a slower fall may be better. One of the best approaches is to experiment with different trailers to see what the bass want that day.

Here are five jig trailer options that all bass anglers should use.

Double Tail Grub

The double tail is an excellent choice for a jig trailer because it can imitate both baitfish and crawfish just by using different colors. They work on any jig made and can be useful for pitching to cover, dragging along the bottom, and swimming a jig.

Plastic Chunk

The chunk is a tried and true jig trailer and works in many situations. The chunk comes in several sizes and is one of the most versatile trailers you can use. Simply match your color and chunk size to your jig.

Crawfish Imitator

Jigs are one of the best bass fishing lures for imitating crawfish, so it makes sense to add a plastic that has craws to help round out the package. Soft plastic crawfish come in many different sizes and actions, so picking the right one comes down to the species you are targeting and also water temperature.

Some of these soft plastics have aggressive flapping craws, and these are best suited for warmer water when the fish are more active. Those with small craws or subtle action do better for smallmouth and spotted bass and for all species of bass when the water is cold.


The swimbait makes a great trailer but is generally best on jigs that are fished with a steady retrieve instead of those fished along the bottom. Swim jigs and swimbaits are a perfect match and help to imitate baitfish.

Beaver Style Plastic

This type of soft plastic is usually used by itself for flipping and pitching to cover, but it works great on the back of a jig. These lures do not have aggressive flapping action and are a great choice when fishing cold water or when the fish are inactive, but they will work year round.

This shape of plastics comes in many sizes, and generally, the smaller versions are better for smallmouth and spotted bass simply because they have smaller mouths than largemouth. You’ll get more fish hooked when using the right size jig trailer.

Tyler Brinks
Tyler Brinks is an avid bass angler from Spokane, WA. He works full-time in the fishing industry as a writer and social media marketer and fishes any chance he gets and everywhere he goes.

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