Choosing the Right Jig Color for the Job

Choosing the Right Jig Color for the Job

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The bass fishing market has offers so many color options that it gets rather overwhelming for new anglers when they look at a catalog, or the wall of a tackle shop. Skirted jigs are no exception, and they come in so many color combinations that it crosses my eyes… The truth is, I like to fish a total of 4 color combinations for the entirety of the year, and they all produce when conditions are right. Here are my picks for what jig color combinations work best, and when!

Black & Blue (The Contrast King)

Stained water calls out the black and blue jig. The high contrast profile, silhouettes well in stained water. Add a loud trailer or rattles in dirty water, low light conditions, or around vegetation to catch the attention of some big giant bass.

Green Pumpkin & Bluegill

If your lake or pond has bluegill, then you already know the effectiveness of green pumpkin. It goes without saying, that it is a great imitator, but I have a quick tip! Add a bit of chartreuse to the skirt ends or to the trailer end to give the presentation that little extra something if you are getting short strikes or less-than ideal hookups. This is a killer color combination!



Brown Flake or Crawfish

Drag a brown or crawfish imitation colored jig around rocks, shells, wood, and other structure in clear water is a great way to find a good bite! This is where craw patterns excel with clear distinction!

White & Baitfish Color Combinations

For those regions around the country that have shad or other prolific white baitfish, a white jig with light patterning is really efficient when fished around laydowns or structure. Flip, pitch, or swim the jig with pauses and pops to imitate a dying or injured shad or baitfish. Fish it weedless in structure, being sure to hit some of the structure and work it over and into any wood, rocks, or manmade structure you can.

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Hopefully this helps you in your decision making next time you log on to an online tackle shop, or when you head to your favorite local tackle shop. Having at least one of each of these above colors, would ensure you’re covered in almost all fishing conditions you might find yourself in! Now go tie one on, and catch a monster! Tight lines!

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