Crankbait Fishing 101: Cover More Water And Catch More Fish

Crankbait Fishing 101: Cover More Water And Catch More Fish

Looking to level up your game with crankbaits? MONSTERBASS team member Noelle Roth has you covered! Noelle took her Mom out to the lake to teach her a thing or two about fishing crankbaits. She put in some work on a few different types of lures to cover more water and depths. Watch as she smacks some largemouth.

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Video transcript:

Hi everyone, and welcome back to my channel and this section of my YouTube channel. I'm going to be calling this a Rigging with Roth, thanks to Debo fishing for the name idea you got to do, that was such a good idea over on Burly fishing's podcasts the other night. So on this section, I'm going to talk about how use different, uh, tips and tricks on how to get out there and fish different kinds of reels and baits and lines and rods and all the cool things that come with fishing. And for those who have never fished before, hopefully you're able to take away from this and be able to get out there and try yourself because it's addicting and you will see all my money is gone to fishing. Uh, but tonight I'm out with my mom. Turn around.

We are going after a little bit of an afternoon evening, sunset bite tonight. Um, and so I'm going to be throwing my crankbait. So let me show you guys what that looks like in my MONSTERBASS bag. I got this prose model crankbait from STRIKE KING series four. This is in sexy sunfish, super cute name. It actually kind of looks more like a bluegill if you asked me, but that's okay. Um, this color is amazing to fish and nice clear water, cause it looks so natural. Um, the bass will see it they'll want to eat it cause it looks like what's in this lake. There's tons of sunfish in my local lake here. Um, so this is perfect to throw here. This has a nice rounded bill on it. Um, this is going to deflect off of sticks and rocks and things. So that way it doesn't get caught.

But you do want to fish this maybe a little bit lower. So this dives five to eight feet. So this is perfect for five to eight foot depth. You want it to sit kinda near the bottom and act like a real fish. So I love this, but I was also a couple more colors that are like for dirty water. This is the series three. This is an eight foot diving bill here. This is an orange belly CRAW this is the series three from the same thing, Strike King crankbait pro model. Um, love this. This is great. Like I said, for dirty water, it's a little brighter. So the fish can see it. Um, also I like this one. This is the KVD 1.5, this rattles. So I love these because I will throw these and kind of wind your conditions or rain. That way the fish can hear over all that pounding on the top surface and they can see because this is so bright.

And then this is also gonna deflect off those areas. Again, this is three to five feet. So I'll throw this a little bit more shallow than the rattling is going to attract the fish because they're going to be able to hear it. And that are also going to be able to sense it as it is swimming through the water for those sunny days. This is a cool one. This is also a KVD 1.5 Strike King, um, tournament series bait. This one looks a little bit more like a pumpkin seed, but it's a little sparkly. I like to throw a sparkly in the sunlight, all that reflectiveness like fish love sparkles. So this is what I will throw. It's also a nice natural color for the lakes that I fish as well. So go ahead and give this a try. Um, I'm telling you, crankbaits are the way to go. If you can not catch anything and you've tried it all crankbaits. I love them. They're so easy as a first time bait to throw and you're going to see why they're amazing.

Alrighty. So how I like to throw this as you give a nice long toss out. So it's got plenty of room to reel back in. What I do is I give a kind of a harder, reel down. So that way it goes down towards the bottom and then you can stop. It will start to flow up, but then you can either continuously reel it in like this, a nice, slow roll by the bottom or in that lower water column. Or what I'll do is I'll stop a couple of times, give it kind of like a Twitch, bring it back, let it stop. Pause, Twitch, pause, and kind of give it that. So it acts kind of like a real fish. It goes on that pause. Sometimes bass like to snag the liver then is when the fish isn't moving. So I usually find that on the pause as when the bass bite what's cool is that this will literally swim like a real fish. Like how nice is that look nice. A little wobble. So when you're reeling in, depending on how long the bill is, how deep it dives, this is can rattle really fast and hard and you can feel your tip kind of bouncing around. Or if it's a little bit smaller, you might not feel that, but it's supposed to imitate a real fish swimming in the water.

Another quick tip I like to give is that when you feel the crankbait hits something, it could be a rock. It could be a stick instead of like continuously reeling or really, really hard thinking that it would come up and over it. If you just pause, crank beads are meant to flow a little bit. So if you pause, it will kind of come up and over the structure. That way you're not setting the hook into a log and potentially losing your bait. How are you doing mom?

All the big ones.

Yeah. Should I set the hook? You have something you did look. It was all bubbly. I keep seeing the bubbles come up. Oh, he's back there now. Nibble. That's cool. Oh, I'm on.

Oh my gosh. Oh yeah. Woo.

And then he decided to be one of yours. Can you open that bail for me? The bail? I look at my friends right on the sexy sunfish pro series three or four, I mean Strike King king crankbait, hooked him in two spots. That's why I love double treble hooks. Two times your opportunity. You got six hooks to hook that fish. Beautiful. What a gorgeous, gorgeous fish mom.

Woo. That was supposed to be mine.

Sorry. I stole it.

A beautiful, gorgeous. Love it. Okay. Thank you, dude. Guys, that was a

Guys, that was a sick fish. That was at least like two and a half. If not three pounds. I mean, come on. I was telling you, crankbaits are the way to go. Especially on the sexy sunfish and this lake, like I said, nice natural colors and clear water, nothing too bright when it gets to be more mucky, dirty, darker water, throwing a crankbait. That also is a little bit brighter. Um, really crazy cool colors. The fish are going to see that and want to eat it. So I wasn't kidding. And I did kind of steal that fish from my room. Oops. But that's what I mean, crank base are the way to go. Yeah.

The natural pumpkin seed, there are plenty of pumpkin seeds in this water. So little sparkly. It's pretty. This is that rattling. When I was talking about, I think that they might like that tonight. Alrighty.

Here you go, mom. Now we're going to get you on a crankbait. Look at that form.

I learned everything from you in a while. That's why I'm catching so many days

You did last spring. All right. So we're going to reel in a little faster and you're going to cast right where you just did a second ago. There were a couple of bubbles right there. Perfect run right through that school fish and see if anything wants it. So you're going to reel a little harder that so it sinks underneath for a minute. Just really fast, faster than that. Okay. Now you can slow down, given her a different color. This one dives deeper like mine, much more natural color. Beautiful.

You're on. You're on mom. Let's keep rolling. Nice and hard. Oh my gosh. No, it's not. It's really. Oh my gosh, Mom, over here. Bring it over here. Right? A little closer please. Thank you. Look at you. It's not actually open the bail, please. This is not the same bath. Wow. It's in there. Kind of good. Look at the boss. You've got mom, another STRIKE KING classic.

Look at that. Goodness. We're just on the big ones tonight, guys. I'm telling you that's Strike King Pro Model Three. Do you want to hold it? How am I supposed to do it? So you're gonna hold it with your thumb like that.

You're going to hold them really hard. Really tight. Really tight. Okay. So how do I do it? So you just start going to put them in the water. You can drop them in or however you want to. There you go. Beautiful bob. Woo. I'm so happy. Alrighty guys reminder this crankbait is killer

Moment. I both did a really good job tonight on that

And highly, highly, highly, highly, highly

Recommend crankbaits. Well, I want to thank you guys for coming to my first Regan with Roth video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm going to link down below my Instagram. My tick talk. You guys are already at my YouTube channel. Instagram is at Newell Roth. Tick-tock is unwell underscore Roth and obviously Noel Roth, YouTube. So please like subscribe and hit the bell. So you never miss any of my videos and stay tuned for the next ones. Thank you guys so much for joining my mom and I on this awesome evening of the crankbait bite. Bye.


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