Alex Rudd Finesse Fishing Squarebill Crankbait

Finesse Fishing a Squarebill in Heavy Cover

Many bass anglers underestimate the power and versatility of a squarebill crankbait, especially around vegetation like emergent grass. But throwing a squarebill with a smaller profile can be a productive tool even around something as thick as Kissimmee Grass. 

By simply letting the lure lightly snag some greenery and then ripping it forcefully out of the grass, an angler can draw reflexive strikes from bass that are hiding in cover while recuperating from spawn.

Bass are hardwired to prey on wounded fish, and erratic action is one of the most telling signs of an easy meal. Squarebills exhibit this action—especially when they are ripped from grass.

Sometimes bass prefer a smaller offering, but will still respond to an aggressive presentation. That’s when a downsized version– the finesse squarebill–shines. Same big action in a package that features a smaller body, smaller hooks, smaller bill.

Downsizing can help you get a few more bites for a couple of reasons. Not only will a smaller lure come through cover better than a big bait, but also, bass eat their young. Many are waiting for the eggs they just laid to hatch so they can prey on the swarm of thousands of tiny fry.

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