Fishing Hat: What to Look For | MONSTERBASS

Fishing Hat: What to Look For | MONSTERBASS

Picture yourself out on the water on a beautiful summer day--the fishing is striking, the beer is cold, and the sun is hot. It sounds like the perfect day, right? 

Wrong, you forgot to bring a fishing hat, and now your face is burnt, you got bit by mosquitos, and the sun was in your eyes all afternoon. That is how easy it is to change a perfect day to a miserable one.

Obviously, you can get by without a hat and use sunglasses, mosquito repellant, and sunscreen, but why not do all of the above? There are several reasons to wear a fishing hat and even more types of hats to wear out on the perfect fishing day. You can wear a fishing hat to prevent sun damage, keep the rain off your face, keep the sweat from your eyes, keep you cool or warm, and even to keep fish from spotting you.

What to Look For

There are many different types of hats that you can wear while fishing. 

You can, of course, do what a lot of us do and wear the tried and true baseball caps. This definitely will work, but there are some downsides to wearing a baseball hat. For one, the wind can knock it off your head easily due to the scoop-like brim. This is especially true if you are on a boat, even if you tighten your hat to try and prevent it. The last thing you would want to do is lose your hat and ruin your day of fishing as your sunburnt face and its constant sting constantly reminds you that you lost what was probably one of your favorite hats.

A lot of hats and types of hats in this article are made purpose-built just for fishing. There are even specific types of hats for specific types of fishing; we have probably seen a few fly fishing hats in our lifetime, likely donned with an angler’s favorite flies. 

There really is a lot to cover with a seemingly simplistic topic like fishing hats. So, let’s dive on in and figure out what is available today for fishing hats, and hopefully, you can find out which style is your favorite and will cover you on your next trip out on the water. 


Before we talk about some recommendations we have for hats, let’s talk about the features you need to look for in the perfect fishing hat. 

  • Sun Protection: This one is pretty obvious since it is the main reason to wear a hat in the first place, fishing or not. However, it’s especially important in fishing because of all the sun exposure--you need to protect your skin and eyes while you’re outside all day.
  • Weather Protection: Come rain or shine, a hat will have you covered (pun intended). You can stay focused and content in all weather with the right hat--that is, if you are properly suited up. Make it easy to start from the head down next time you prepare for inclement weather during a fishing excursion. 
  • Keeping You Cool: Summer rays should not stop you in your tracks. Keeping the sun from beaming onto your face will help you keep your cool and have a better time, no matter how many fish you catch (or miss). 
  • Keeping You Warm: If you are fishing in late fall or early spring, it might be a bit chilly out, and you should equip yourself with a hat to keep warm. There are hats specifically made for keeping you warm, but any hat will at least protect you from particularly cool winds. 
  • Camouflaging You From Fish: Bass can see almost 30 feet away on a bright sunny day in clearer waters. You might want to avoid bright or reflective colors with your bass fishing hat, especially when fishing shallow waters. Some hats are designed with patterns/colors made to prevent fish from spotting you--these are definitely worth considering!

  • Recommendations

    Almost everyone is a fan of the humble baseball cap. There are some downsides to wearing one while fishing, but most people own a lot of them and it’s a big part of their style. Plus, if you are protecting yourself from the sun and elements, you will be happy no matter the style of the hat.

    If you are looking for a more fishing oriented hat, it’s worth looking for a more traditional wide-brimmed sun hat. This will provide cover for your neck, most have straps to go over your chin, and it can keep you cool with vents. These hats are not everyone’s style, but you might be surprised you could rock one with all the features it has to offer. If there was a single hat that could make your day of fishing better, it’s a wide-brimmed sun hat. 

    Aside from baseball caps and sun hats, there are also trucker hats, bucket hats, and snapbacks--here are a few recommendations for each category. 

    Bucket Hat

  • Pelagic Sunsetter Bucket Hat
      • Price: $36 
      • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
      • One Size Fits All Adjustable Headband
      • Adjustable Neck Strap
      • Moisture-wicking
  • Duluth Trading Co Men’s Ventilated Booney Hat
      • Price: $34.95
      • Screened “portholes” and 360° vents
      • 100% cotton twill
      • Mesh lining helps circulate in air 
      • Wide 3” brim snaps up on all sides
      • UPF 50
  • Costa Boonie Hat
      • Price: $32.00
      • 100% polyester
      • UPF 50 designed for water sports
      • Reinforced visor for maximum visibility 
      • Convertible cord system
      • Lateral venting
      • Floatable brim
      • Moisture-wicking headband


  • Aftco Guide Logo Flexfit Hat
      • Price: $31.99
      • 58% Cotton / 38% Polyester / 4% Spandex
      • Flexfit 6-panel
      • Built-in, moisture-wicking heat guard sweatback
      • High crown fit, Low curve bill
  • Aftco Shortbill Hat
      • Price: $25.99
      • Unstructured 6-panel construction
      • Adjustable buckle closure
      • Cotton ripstop material for durability


  • 6th Sense Snapback Mesh Hat
      • Price: $19.99
      • 35/65 cotton polyester blend
      • Breathable mesh backing


  • Aftco Canton Trucker Hat
      • Price: $25.99
      • Mesh back
      • Plastic snapback enclosure
      • Available in multiple colors and a patriotic design

    Sun Hat

  • Aftco Top Caster Straw Hat
      • Price: $44.99
      • Stonewashed palm leaf
      • 360 degree protection for head, face, ears, and neck
      • Adjustable cinch cord

    Final Tips to Keep in Mind

    There are some downsides to wearing a traditional baseball cap while fishing, but many of us already own 1 or 2 (or 20), and we can often find designs that really match our personality. With the availability being high and cost being low, baseball caps have become a simple option to keep on hand, even if only to serve as that “emergency” fishing hat in the back of your truck. 

    You should also keep a beanie readily available in your tackle box or right in your boat. They take up minimal space, they are cost effective, and if needed, they could keep the sun off your body or keep your head warm. 

    As much as you don’t want to look like an old man, sun hats are one of the best options for any type of fishing. With their wide versatility and tons of design styles, it’ll be harder to find a hat you don’t like then it will be to find one that you do. Plus, these types of hats offer the greatest amount of sun protection, and often have the ability to offer additional coverage from bugs and the other elements. You can’t tell us you haven’t always wanted the classic sun hat with your favorite lures stuck into them--now’s your chance!


    With so many options on the market, you can always find a hat you either enjoy to wear, or simply need to wear. From cold weather to hot days, you should have yourself covered.  Don’t forget--even with a hat, sunscreen is an important part of making sure you protect yourself from harmful UV rays, so slather on that sunscreen, put on your favorite hat, and get to the great outdoors for what we consider to be the ultimate pastime!


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