Frog Fishing Secrets To Help You Catch More Fish

Frog Fishing Secrets To Help You Catch More Fish

Watch this video to learn more about fishing with frogs.  Topwater season is probably the most fun part of the year and nothing beats the explosion when a bass devours a hollow body frog.

Austin shares his tips and secrets on how to trigger more bites from bass on a frog! COMMENT Below with any tips we might have missed!

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  • Thank you Frogs are my most used in my 5 tackle boxes of plastic baits (and I will keep getting more tackle)and find them the most hardest to find places that are better and how to use them in different retrieves. Your vidio had a lot of new ways to use them. Please keep up the frog vidios. Thanks again. Happy bass fishing

    Mike Baker |
April Breakdown | Platinum Series

April Breakdown | Platinum Series

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