Hit the Shallows for Late Season Bass

Hit the Shallows for Late Season Bass

Oklahoma's Worst Angler shares some of his best techniques when hitting cold, shallow water for late season bass. From power fishing a spinnerbait through grass to making just the right amount of contact with a squarebill, OWA will have you ripping through the shallows in no time.

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Video transcript:

Alex Epperson:
What are some of the best ways to catch fish up shallow in late fall? We're going to be talking about that today in today's MONSTERBASS video. What's up guys? My name is Alex, I'm Oklahoma's Worst Angler. If you are new here, welcome to the channel, and if you're not subscribed to the MONSTERBASS channel yet, please do so. If you guys do like this video by the end of it or whenever you stop watching, give it a thumbs up. And also down below, there will be a link to my channel to Oklahoma's Worst Angler. But anyways, let's get into this. I want to talk to you guys today about a little bit of the techniques that I like to use to catch fish up shallow, and how to maximize those fish that are still up there, that haven't quite moved out just deep yet. One of the things that I love to use is a spinnerbait or a chatterbait. I love to use a moving bait and just power fish in the fall, whether it be of shallow grass or rock.

Alex Epperson:
I really like to fire those out there and burn them over the tops of the grass. Depending on the weight of the spinnerbait, sometimes I'll burn it, sometimes I'll slow roll it, it really depends. Same with the chatterbait. Chatterbait, I do like better for grass. That's me personally. I know a lot of guys like spinnerbaits better for grass, but I love to rip a chatterbait out of the grass. Speaking of ripping out of grass, lipless. A lipless is another great lure to use for those bass that are up shallow, especially up in that grass because what you can do, you can fire that out there, and you can slow roll that or burn it. Depending on the depth of the water that you're working with and depending on how shallow or deep that grass is, another technique that you can do, fire that out there, let it sink, and yo-yo it.

Alex Epperson:
So just kind of rip it up off the bottom, let it sink back down, rip it back up off the bottom, let it sink back down. Now, today when I went out fishing, I was really able to maximize the crankbait bite. Now I love to fish a squared bill and today was no exception. I've become a lot more comfortable with the squared bill, and really it worked extremely well today because I had a lot of fish that were up in grass and fish that were on rocks as well. Now, one of the main tips about squared bills that I'm sure has been covered, and I'm sure you guys know, but in case anyone doesn't know, you want that thing to make contact. If it's getting hung up in the grass too much and you can't rip it out of there, just stop reeling, let it float back up.

Alex Epperson:
But generally, I like to just keep burning it and just plow it through all that grass. I want it banging off any kind of rock, any kind of structure, because as soon as it's banging around and deflecting off of there, that's when you're going to get a lot of those reaction bites. So I'm going to show you guys some clips from today of me going out fishing with the squared bill.

Alex Epperson:
There we go. First one of the day, little squared bill action. He's nothing big, but he's a skunk out of the boat. Heck yeah, guys. Got another one. He ate it too, oh my goodness. That thing is gone, got it sideways. There we go, that's a better fish, that's a better fish. Yeah. He just, he fought like he was better, wind-blowing banks guys, wind-blowing banks with a crank. There we go. Oh, he came off. No, we got him. Oh, we got him. We definitely got him. Oh man, that's a netter. That's a netter. No, [inaudible 00:04:28]. There we go, another healthy one.

Alex Epperson:

So guys, all those fish that I caught today were in less than seven foot of water. One of those fish was actually in about a foot and a half, almost two foot of water. These fish are still up shallow. You can still catch them, you can still maximize, you just got to get out there, and vary up your techniques. Get out there and learn. Take a lot of the tips that we've given you guys, go out there. Fire that squared bill around, I'm telling you. Especially if you're fishing off the bank, a squared bill is great. One of the hardest things to get used to when you're fishing from the bank with a squared bill though, is as soon as it bangs into something, you kind of just want to stop. Now, you got to figure out what you're banging into. If you're banging on rocks or anything like that, a lot of the time, just keep cranking on that. Keep cranking on it unless you're coming straight back and you're coming up with a slope, then stop reeling, let that float back up, get it crashing back down, float back up.

Alex Epperson:
A lot of the time, like I said, those deflections, when it's coming off of that cover, or ripping through that grass, that's when you're going to get that reaction bite. So guys, I hope you enjoyed this video. I do appreciate every single one of you. And like I said, hop over to my channel, check out Oklahoma's Worst Angler on YouTube and I'll see you guys next time we're on the water.

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