Z-Man Fishing Lures Slaying Largemouth Bass

Idol Chatter: Z-Man's Best Bass Fishing Baits

Z-Man Fishing has long been an innovator in the sport of fishing. One of the industry leaders in silicone skirt manufacturing for many of the spinnerbaits, jigs, buzzbaits and other lures you know and love, Z-Man has also built a legacy with their Original ChatterBait and 10X Tougher ElaZtech Soft Plastics. 

With over a dozen variations of the ChatterBait available now and even more bait styles in their extensive product line of ElaZtech Soft Plastics, Z-Man has positioned itself at the front of the pack for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Let’s get excited about Z-Man's upcoming takeover of the February Regional Pro Series box and check out a few of our favorite bass fishing lures that Z-Man has to offer!   

ChatterBait Freedom CFL

Z-Man ChatterBait Freedom FL

In collaboration with Freedom Tackle, Z-Man created this free-swinging, football head Chatterbait with a spider skirt. This is definitely a little different from any other ChatterBait they’ve offered in the past. The football shaped head of this lure offers a few intended benefits. It helps the bait get deeper and stay deeper, creates a more snag resistant lure so that you can even drag this bait on the bottom. The head has more area for the blade to make contact with, generating a unique sound compared to other vibrating jigs.

4.5” Razor ShadZ

Z-Man Fishing Razor ShadZA great compliment to any ChatterBait, Z-Man created an awesome trailer with the Razor ShadZ. Designed to mimic a baitfish, from its tall and slender body to the forked tail at the end, the Razor ShadZ is the perfect trailer for any presentation where you’re using a vibrating jig to imitate bream, bluegill, shad or other small fish. And since it’s made of Z-Man’s10X Tougher ElaZtech material, this trailer will last you through dozens of fish catches without having to retrieve a new bait from the pack.

CrossEyeZ ChatterBait

Z-Man Fishing CrossEyeZ ChatterBaitOne of the few drawbacks to fishing with vibrating jigs is that they tend to snag cover. When fishing in submerged vegetation, this is ok as you can simply rip the bait free. But the tendency for the hook to rock side to side and hang cover has, in the past, limited the amount a vibrating jig could be used effectively around wood, docks and rocks. Well not anymore! Z-Man incorporated a wire weedguard into their CrossEyeZ ChatterBait to create the most weedless vibrating jig ever. Additionally, the O’Shaughnessy bend hook Z-Man incorporated into this bait further sets it apart from other lures and gives anglers a whole new option when it comes to fishing a vibrating jig.

3.75” Goat

Z-Man Fishing GoatThe Goat is one of Z-Man’s latest additions to their already popular ElaZtech lineup of soft plastics. The 10X Tougher ElaZtech material Z-Man used to make this bait gives anglers one of the most durable and versatile soft plastics on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a lure to punch, flip, Texas rig, Carolina rig, bed fish or use as a trailer, the Goat has you covered— giving it a chance to live up to its namesake as one of their ‘Greatest Of All Time’ baits.

ChatterBait WillowVibe

Z-Man Fishing WillowvibeA bit of a sleeper, the WillowVibe has yet to breakout on the main scene but is likely a lure instilling a lot of confidence in those anglers who have figured it out. Creating a ChatterBait with a bit of scrounger vibe to it may be one of the coolest things Z-Man has done in quite a while. With a willow leaf shaped blade at the front end of this bait, you have a much finessier vibrating jig than has ever been created before, giving anglers something to throw in those slightly stained and colder water situations.

4” Finesse ShadZ

Z-Man Fishing 4" Finesse ShadZZ-Man’s 4” Finesse ShadZ bring something vital to their lineup of soft plastics. A great bait to rig as a spinnerbait or ChatterBait trailer, the Finesse ShadZ also work well as a dropshot bait. One of the coolest characteristics of Z-Man’s ElaZtech material is that it actually floats. So rigging this bait on a dropshot in particular gives your presentation a unique look as the buoyancy of the bait causes it to rise, stand straight out and wave around as you work the lure along.

Swimbait Eye Jighead

Z-Man Swimbait Eye JigheadsWith a double-barbed lure keeper, large reflective eye and bold hook, the Z-Man Swimbait Eye Jighead is a great companion for nearly any small to mid-size soft plastic swimbait on the market. Z-Man offers this jighead in a wide variety of hook and weight sizes, ranging from a 1/8- ounce with a 3/0 hook all the way to a 1/2- ounce, 5/0 version. The strong and sharp VMC hook used to create the Swimbait Eye Jighead is one you can trust time and time again to penetrate and hold onto just about any fish that swims.

3” MinnowZ

Z-Man Fishing 3" MinnowZAnother very versatile lure in the Z-Man ElaZTech lineup of soft plastics, the 3” MinnowZ make for great little swimbaits to rig on Z-Man’s Swimbait Eye Jighead. You can either fish these baits rigged this way individually, or rig up several on an umbrella rig. But in addition, these are great lures to use as trailers, especially on Z-Man’s new ChatterBait MiniMax. The bite size but bold MiniMax pairs up perfectly with the 3” MinnowZ. Z-Man even thought to create complementary color patterns in each bait to make them an even better match for one another.

Whether you’re looking for a lure to fish in saltwater or fresh, muddy water or clear, shallow or deep, Z-Man has you covered. With their extensive line of super durable soft plastics and an ever increasing offering of ChatterBaits, spinnerbaits, jigs and terminal tackle, Z-Man is in constant pursuit of filling in that next gap in your arsenal. While they focus on the next big thing, you can take advantage of what all they’ve already brought to the table today.

Are you ready for the Z-Man takeover coming in February? Every bait in the February 2022 Regional Pro Series subscription box is a Z-Man bait! Sign up today and use code SAVE10 to get $10 off your first box.



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