July 2019 Regional Pro Series

July 2019 Regional Pro Series

This box was loaded with some of the most iconic brands in all of bass fishing.  You didn't need to cross your fingers and hope you got lucky with this box. We hand-picked baits that are 100% keepers for your tackle box. 

So If you liked what you saw in this video I encourage you to give it a try today.  You won't be disappointed.  Use code YT10 to save $10 off your first Regional Pro Series box.  Click here to join.

Video Transcript

Good morning, guys. It's Rick at MONSTERBASS. Today I'm going to take you through the July 2019 Regional Pro Series box, but before I do, I got to tell you what makes us different. The other guys they just send you a box full of random baits, but that makes no sense whatsoever. The conditions that you're facing in Michigan are not the same conditions that you're facing in Texas, so why would I send you the same box of baits? I don't understand. It makes no sense. At MONSTERBASS, we take the time to break the country into regions, and then we handpick baits based upon where you live and fish. You wouldn't fish topwater in the middle of Michigan in December so why would I send you topwater baits in December for the guy in Michigan? You wouldn't, but the other guys do.

I'm going to take you through one of our regional boxes. We handpicked these baits based upon where this customer lives, where he fishes, and the conditions that he's facing right now. You got a bait card, sticker. It tells you a little bit about it. This box had a LIVETARGET Scott Martin Hollow Body Popping Frog, Big Bite Bait Shaking Squirrel, Cabin Creek Jr. Express Craws, Z-Man ChatterBait, Heddon Chug'n Spook, Strike King Rage Tail Space Monkeys. What you also notice about our soft plastics, these aren't sample packs. These are all full packs, right? Let the samples, samples [inaudible 00:01:51]. Some Mustad hooks. The other thing you're going to notice is the hooks that we send you pair perfectly with the soft plastics that we give you, right? So that when you get them, you're not like, "Well, how do I use this?"

We've also got instructional videos that'll show you how to pair them perfectly, use them so that hopefully you catch more fish. And then finally, we got a Strike Pro jointed swimbait. We even threw in a $10 gift card. So, there you have it, that's what makes us a little bit different. These are handpicked for the area of the country where you live and fish. Our belief is that if we give you the right baits for the conditions that you're facing, you're probably going to catch more fish. That's what makes us the better box. Sign up today. If you've got any questions, please comment down below. I want to answer every single one of them for you. I know we're the new kid on the block, but I also think we're the best kid on the block. Best kid on the block that was the dumbest thing ever. The best box. Have a great day. 

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  • Hi I was just wondering what are the prices on the boxes

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