July's Limited Edition Box

July's Limited Edition Box

I'm not messing around when I refer to MONSTERBASS as #thebetterbox and in my ongoing effort to bring you the best boxes every month, we've partnered with the fine folks over at LUNKERHUNT to bring you this limited edition box for the month of July.

This box is available to the first 20,000 customers and when they're gone... they're gone. Note: Existing customers will automatically receive this box.

Watch this video for a quick overview of some of the baits that you'll see in this special box. FYI... there's also a sneak peak at the end regarding what we have planned for you in August!

Interested in signing up?  Click here and use code B3G1 to get a 4th month for FREE when you sign up for any 3 month subscription.


Video Transcript

Hey, guys, it's me. I'm back. And I got an update for you. I think I've outdone myself this time. In my effort to bring you guys the best boxes possible, I think I might've had outdone myself. Now, I know you thought that the Strike King box was great, and I did too. Didn't think I could ever come close. I think I did. It's a pretty damn good box. Want to see it? Want to know what's in it? It's good. You ready?

Boom. That's right, baby. Lunkerhunt's taken over the box, and they are bringing you the goods. They were not messing around when they put this box together. I called up my good friend, John Goldfarb, the President of Lunkerhunt, and I said, "Listen, you guys are one of the coolest companies out there making some great baits. I would love for you to take over my box because why? Because I know you guys would love it too." So, we sat down and we said what's important. What are we going to put in this box? How are we going to make it better than everything else?

I know you guys like stickers, so we're going to put some stickers in there. I got to put one of my stickers in there, and it's July, so I figured I got to bring in the red, white, and blue. America, baby. And if that's not enough, our good friends at Lunkerhunt are going to hook you up with a 20% discount card so that you can buy more of the stuff that you see in the box.

What's coming? There's a lot. I'm just going to walk you through. Fetch swim baits. We got the Lunkerhunt Popping Frogs. We got Lunkerhunt poppers. And these are all full packs, right? This is part of their Descend series. And the box wouldn't be complete if it didn't have one of these. Who doesn't want the spider? If you haven't fished it, don't knock it until you try it. It's dope. And it's unlike other things that the fish have seen before. Did you know that Lunkerhunt makes soft plastics? And again, not talking about sample packs. That's a 10-pack, my friends.

This is their bread and butter, right? The Bento Bait. It's one of my favorite baits of all time. Yeah, it's in the box. Prop Fish, more Prop Fish, the Yappa series. I love the Yappa series. You will too. What else we got? What else we got? More Yappa series. The Pocket Frog, spiders. I'm really excited for the Gambit series. I've always wanted it in the box by itself, but finally, I got it. This thing, if you haven't seen the video on this thing, check it out. I'm going to be sharing it all month long. More frogs, bladed jig baits. Again, look at this.

We're talking full packs, and it comes with hooks. More frogs. Guys, this is the best that Lunkerhunt's got. They got more baits, tons more baits. But I want you to learn about the baits. I want you to learn about what makes this cooler than the rest. I want you to check out their baits. I want you to tie them on. I want you to throw them, and then I want you to hashtag Monsterbass. I want you to hashtag Lunkerhunt. Tag us both in it. We're going to be posting those pictures all month long.

How do you get this box? It's really simple. Starting July one, you can sign up and get it. If you're an existing customer, you're going to get... Now, here's the interesting thing. There's only 20,000 of these boxes. We will sell out. After the first 20, they're gone. So, if you want yours, sign up today, get yours. Remember, we start shipping July one. You're not getting this with any of our competitors. Our competitors, they send you a bunch of baits from brands you've never even heard of. Why? Because they just go and they make them up. Not us. We bring you the best. Lunkerhunt. You're getting the box full of baits, book, stickers, and a 20% coupon. All month long from your good friends at Monsterbass.

Hook yourself up a box of the better baits. You'll thank me later. Thanks for your support. Appreciate you guys so much. Next month, next month is topwater month. I got something special planned for you too. You're going to love it. Again, stick with Monsterbass, I'll hook you up with enough baits to fish any condition, on any lake, anywhere in the country. That's what we do here. Stay safe.

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  • What can we expect in August. Can’t wait! July was awesome!

    Derik |
  • just got my July box and Wow Cant wait to go use these lunkerhunk top water baits got the spider top water man that thing looks so cool cant wait for a big bass to hit it going down to Lake Guntersville end of July

    Earl E Hale |
  • So by this video it’s showing you get the brown box Full of baits and not 8 random baits. Kinda misleading really. So which is it? Thanks.

    Tom Beckett |
  • 10/10 recommend any kind of angler to pick one of these. The boxes keep getting better and better. I love how this company has themed boxes and just doesn’t put random lures in each box. I have had plenty of the competitors boxes and they don’t compare to the quality in these boxes.

    Braulio Martinez |
  • Hey guys i just recieved my June box its has some awesome lures, i am a new customer will i also get the lunkerhunt box ?

    Kelvin Jones |
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