May 2019 MONSTERBASS Unboxing Video

May 2019 MONSTERBASS Unboxing Video

MONSTERBASS is a different kind of fishing subscription box company. We are 100% focused on bass fishing and we do it better than anyone else. Unlike our competition who sends you a box full of random baits, we take the time to select baits that are specific to the fishing conditions you are facing in the area of the country where you live. The other guys... they send you random baits.

Only the best brands make it into a MONSTERBASS box. We never buy discontinued or overstock baits... we let the other guys send that to their customers. We are a premium fishing subscription designed to send you baits and terminal tackle that pairs perfectly so you can catch more fish, no matter what conditions you are facing.

This box contained baits from...

  1. Booyah
  2. Daiichi
  3. Doomsday Tackle
  5. Rat-L-Trap
  6. Smartbaits
  7. Strike King
  8. Z-Man (2 items)

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