The Flatline | The Best New Flat Sided Crankbait

The Flatline | The Best New Flat Sided Crankbait

One of MONSTERBASS’s latest creations, the Flatline squarebill crankbait, is a dynamic lure packed with big fish catching potential. It’s no secret that bass react better to flat-sided crankbaits in colder water. This alone is reason enough for MONSTERBASS to bring a flat-side of their own to life. But instead of just kicking out another crankbait, the team went to work to create a flat-sided bait all their own. Introducing the Flatline. 

Design - 

The Flatline is built with a flat-sided profile that provides a tighter wobble, along with a ribbed unbelly that emits vibrations that bass can actually feel and comes equipped with 2 razor sharp Mustad treble hooks.  The Flatline has the tight action that bass prefer in when temps start to drop and the super sticky trebles to haul one to the boat when it bites. Using a red treble for the front hook, the team looked to play on the natural instincts of a bass—which tell it to strike while the opportunity is good—using the red to give off the appearance of blood in the water. 



Bill - 

Pairing a square bill with a flat-sided bait gives the Flatline the ability to crawl over and through dense cover, something other crankbaits with more rounded bills can have a hard time doing. With a thick, durable bill, the Flatline is ready to beat and bang its way back to the boat, through whatever shallow cover you want to throw it at.  



Sound - 

Appealing the the lethargic nature of a bass with the tight action of a flat-sided bait is only half the battle. Helping the bass find the bait to begin with is equally important. This is why MONSTERBASS incorporated a loud rattle into the Flatline, which alerts fish to the crankbaits presence. With this bait, you can throw past a piece of cover, and as the bait approaches the bass, the predator becomes alert and ready to attack. 

crankbait with bass


Color choices - 

The team brought to life 8 vibrant colors, with the crowd favorites like chartreuse/black back and two variations of red. There are also five shad patterns and a black and blue bait, just to keep things interesting. 



Final thoughts - 

At $8 per bait, the Flatline is a great value for a top-of-the-line crankbait. This bait brings with it a quality set of sticky hooks, 8 great color choices, a solid square bill and great attention to detail in the red front hook and impressive rattle. A bait that is sure to get bit shallow, especially in the colder months, the Flatline is rated to dive 2- to 4-feet and is available for purchase here. 

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