Gift Guide for the Fisherman in your Life

Gift Guide for the Fisherman in your Life

With the holidays fast approaching, we thought it would be helpful to go through and put together a gift guide for the angler in your life. Shopping for an angler can be tough at times. With so many products out there these days, it’s hard to know where to even start. The goal of this gift guide is to do just that, give you a good starting point. Whether your favorite fisherman fishes from the bank, from a boat or a kayak, we believe there’s a little something here for everyone. So without further ado, let’s go shopping!

fishing subscription box options

MONSTERBASS Fishing Subscription Box

If you really want to up the ante with this year’s gift, MONSTERBASS offers several subscription box options. Each month, the experts at MONSTERBASS handpick baits & lures that will work well in your particular region for bass and put them in an aptly named Regional Pro Series Box. Or you can select the National Box with a combination of baits & lures are always in season and perfect to fish anywhere in the country. And then there’s the Multi-Species Box geared towards not only bass but also bream, crappie and more.

You have the option of just buying the current month’s box or signing up for a 3- , 6- or 12- month subscription to any box you’d like. The boxes range in price from $26 to $36 per box but the cool thing is each box holds a cluster of products that are valued over $40 and $50 respectively at retail. MONSTERBASS is able to offer these great prices by sourcing large quantities of baits for their boxes and then they pass on the savings to you, all the while giving the angler in your life a chance to try out lures he or she might not have thought to try otherwise.

What’s in the box each month is great way to encourage outside the box thinking when it comes to what the angler is fishing with, and the end result is an ever-expanding tackle box and growing skill set on the water. So a subscription to a MONSTERBASS box really is the proverbial gift that keeps on giving. But the Technique Specific Boxes are great options too. And don’t forget about the Rod Covers or MONSTERBOX 3700 either. Both are also solid choices. Really, if you’re looking for a gift this season for the angler in your life, you likely can’t go wrong with anything from this list.



This is one that almost every angler can use. In fact, though its never a good idea to paint myself into a corner with an absolutism, I really can’t think of an angler who couldn’t use or at least wouldn’t want this box. Most anglers are by nature tackle junkies. It just kind of comes with the territory. And organizing that tackle is the closest thing to fishing that an angler can do when he or she can’t actually go fishing.

Monster Bass 3700 tackle box

So gifting the anglers in your life with a MONSTERBOX 3700, especially this time of year, we’ll give them something to tinker with to help take the edge off the impending cabin fever. And as they setup this fully customizable box, they can rest assured that when they do get to go fishing again, all their gear will be safe and secure. The MonsterBox has 4 heavy duty latches to insure it doesn’t accidentally pop open bouncing around in a boat or being tossed into a kayak or backpack.

This box also has a DryLock o-ring seal. Pairing this seal with the 4 way latch system totally eliminates any concern of water entering the box. This insures that whatever your angler stores in the MONSTERBOX 3700 will be safe from rust and corrosion and ready to use the next time he hits the water. A great gift for any angler to store nearly anything he or she might need on the water.


Casting Rod Cover

Another great gift idea for any angler out there, a Rod Cover helps protect your angler’s gear as well as keep it organized. When fishing from a boat, it’s a great idea to use a Rod Cover to store rods away in the rod locker. Many rod lockers have tubes towards the front that are intended to help protect the rod tips from being damaged and keep them from tangling up with one another. The main trade off here though is that these tubes run the risk of knocking a guide off the rod as you slide it in. Putting a Rod Cover over your rod allows you to smoothly slide the rod into one of these tubes without having to worry about catching a guide and bending or breaking it.

rod cover for fishing pole

But Rod Covers are also great for anglers fishing from the bank or a kayak as well as co-anglers who are headed out to fish with someone else from another boat. Basically anyone who frequently transports rods in a car or truck could really use a Rod Cover or two. They help keep the rods from becoming tangled up with one another as they ride along in the passenger side of a car or the bed of a truck. Keeping the line tight to the rods helps insure the baits don’t bounce off and hook the seat or create an even more tangled mess by the time you get wherever you’re going. The last thing you want to have to do when you get to your fishing spot is to untangle a mess. These Rod Covers will help prevent a lot of that headache.


Technique Specific Boxes

This is one that’s a really good idea in my personal opinion. Technique specific boxes are the perfect ‘next level’ gift for the angler in your life. What I mean by that is that most products you can buy for an angler are kind of one off deals. It may be a great gift, just like the Rod Cover or MonsterBox 3700 previously mentioned. But we mentioned those products because they’re great for almost any angler without any research being done.


technique specific fishing subscription boxes


But if you can find out just a little bit of information from the angler in your life about his or her favorite technique(s), you can really hit a home run with a technique specific box from MONSTERBASS. If your angler likes to fish with a jig for example, get him the Juicy Jig Box. It’s packed full of almost any type of jig you could think of: Strike King Thunder Cricket, Mustad Skatter Shad Bladed Jig, Strike King Premiere Pro Model Jig, River2Sea Junkyard Jig, MONSTERBASS Tungsten Football Jig and a Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig. If a jig fishing enthusiast opens this box, he’ll likely flip out at what all is in it.

A technique specific box gives the angler a chance to try out some new lures and baits in a genre that he already really likes, making it a safe bet but also a very thoughtful gift. MONSTERBASS currently offers 10 technique specific boxes ranging from ice fishing to squarebills with several others tailored to different techniques in between.

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