Pro Level Winter Bass Fishing

Pro Level Winter Bass Fishing

The pros know it best, right? When a group of the winningest bass anglers put their minds together and all fish similar baits and lures during tough winter months, you better watch and learn! Here are some top performing baits that have earned some pros their keep during winter months!

Football jig

Pairing a football jig with a low-movement trailer seems to be the key when you look at pro level anglers’ rigged rods. You don’t want to intimidate sluggish bass this time of year. Fish a football jig around structure, and you can vary your speed and depth pretty easily! Slow roll or slowly crawl the jig to pick up a few fish around structure.



In the winter, water can either be gin clear, or stained beyond belief. A spinnerbait catches fish in any and all weather. Toss a heavy spinner to yo-yo or bump bottom, or a lighter bait to slow roll in shallower structured areas. The classic spinnerbait will catch fish all year long!

Crankbaits with a Shad Profile

Classically shaped and styled crankbaits perform well in cold water conditions. Smaller baits are preferred this time of year, so you will need the appropriate tackle to cast these any good distance. Rocky coastlines or shallow hardcover can good winter bass, and tossing a crankbait parallel to cover is a solid way to get bitten. Target areas from 5-7 ft. in depth and you may find some active-enough bass to come chomp.


The almighty bait to rule them all, at least in the minds of most! A suspended jerkbait seems to be the preferred choice by most anglers this time of year. The middle of drains and channel-swing banks are classic targets that you will see boats target on open water. Typically jerkbaits perform better in clear water, being a more visual prey. Master the jerkbait, and your season just extended a few more trips! 


Hopefully this helps free your mind from worry about your season coming to a close! If you aren’t plagued with hardwater when the air chills, you may still find bass hungry enough to take you for a ride! Now get out and hook yourself a monster! Tight lines!

Colton Orbaker
Guide, author, teacher, & content creator
Twig N Timber Outdoors

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