Quick Update: Week of November 5

Quick Update: Week of November 5

Every week we give you an update on the things we're working on to bring MONSTERBASS and our community of like-minded anglers closer.  You the subscriber are the reason why MONSTERBASS is #thebetterbox

We'll celebrate our wins and own our losses. So if you've got a question or comment, please ask it down below. I'll answer any question you have.

Thank you. Rick


Video Transcript:

Hey guys, good morning. It's Rick at Monsterbass, and it's time for your weekly update. I got great news. The November boxes start shipping tomorrow, right on schedule, ready as we always say we are. If you typically get your box later in the month and you want to move it up, just send an email over to support, and we'll change your renewal date, move you to the beginning of the month, and you'll get your box sooner.

This month, I'm really proud to announce our partnership with River2Sea. We got this great River2Sea lipless crankbait, which is perfect for this time of year in any region. Every box will contain the River2Sea Ruckus. I mean, that bait alone goes for $12.49 at Tackle Warehouse, and you're going to get it in your box. So that's an amazing bait.

One of our partners this month, Detour Sunglasses. Detour Sunglasses is going to put a couple hundred pairs randomly in the boxes. These sunglasses retail for 40 bucks a pop. They're polarized, they look great, and some of you guys are going to win those for free. And if you don't, hey, you're going to get a $10 gift card in every single box. So if you see these sunglasses and you're like, "I got to get me a pair," 10 bucks off, because Detour Sunglasses really wants to earn your business.

Oh hoodies, we added some hoodies to the store. So there's some zip-up hoodies that you guys asked me to get. I got those on the store. We've got a heavyweight t-shirt that's perfect for this time of year. It's getting a little cooler, and you don't want a lightweight t-shirt. This is a little heavier, and I tried to make them as affordable as possible. I think these things are like 14 bucks, these shirts. I'm sure you can find a promo code and hook yourself up with a couple dollars off. But it's a really affordable t-shirt that still looks great.

What else? Hoodies, t-shirts. We got new stuff coming pretty much every day between now and the end of the year. So yeah, what else? The baits. Okay, so let me move the camera. I've been talking about baits, I don't know if this really does it justice. Probably not because of the paint and the way that this is being shown. I've partnered with Messer baits. Messer baits, I looked at all the custom painters out there, and I really was impressed with the approach that Zack takes when painting these baits. He spends about 30 minutes of bait on them. What he does is, he actually has you send a picture in of the fish that you want him to copy, and then he copies it one by one. So he's not making like 300 of the same paint job. No. Every paint job is custom to the picture you send him, which to me was like, wow, this is crazy. So he's going to paint 50 per month for us, and we're going to randomly put them in the box for you guys.

Just another way of us saying thank you for supporting Monsterbass, because you have your choice, right? You can choose any one of those boxes that are out there, but you chosen us, and I'm really grateful for your support. So yeah, so we're going to look for more freebies all the time to be put in the box. We've got some stuff with AFTCO coming that you'll see in December, and I think that's exciting too.

So yeah, right now I got no bad news. I just got good news. The other good news is that the December box is the best baits for 2020. We're going to feature baits that are new and that we think you guys should check out for 2020 that we think are going to be great performers. And then, of course, January is the Strike King takeover. Strike King selected Monsterbass as their box partner of choice for 2020. We've got a big partnership with Strike King and [Lou's 00:03:46] that we're going to announce. They're going to take over the box. Everything from the Thunder Cricket to the new Ned Ocho will be in there, as well as you know the Red Eye Shad and others. It's going to be a box you don't want to miss. So if you got any questions, let us know.

Oh, last thing. If you're getting your box at the end of the month, just send an email to support@monsterbass.com and ask them to move you up to the first shipment date. Because the way that it works is, if you sign up on the 28th, that's always your renewal date. That way it's the easiest, because some people sign up on certain dates, because that's when they get paid. We just kept it simple. Whatever date you signed up on is your renewal date, and that's the date that we always ship. So if you want to get moved up, just send an email to Katie, she'll hook you up. She's great. If you haven't had to deal with her, she's a blessing in disguise, because we couldn't have asked for a better person to manage our customer support team. And we always try and solve any issue that might come up the way that we'd want our own issues solved. That's why we think we have the best support in the business.

So that's it. That's my report for this week. If you got any questions, please comment down below. Feel free to reach out. We're always available. And yeah, River2Sea Ruckus, you're going to love this bait. I want to see the catches that you get. Make sure you tag them for Monsterbass Monday. Maybe we'll make you a star and post your pictures. Have a great day.

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  • Just wanted to say thanks for the videos on your boxs, I’ve shopped at Karl’s and Tw.. of course Karl’s has there box and I was so, so tempted to get there pro. box. After watching and looking at the comparison. I purchased the pro box from your guys, thanks for the customer care and service..

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