“Rick, how are you going to make regional bass boxes?

“Rick, how are you going to make regional bass boxes?"

Rick Patri


“Rick, how are you going to make regional bass boxes?"
It’s a question that I keep getting so let me explain the process we are going to follow as a company.  The answer is simple… we are going to do our very best and we’re going to have the help of some of the most experienced people in the industry.  

The first box that everyone receives will contain a really good range of baits for their region & season.  We do this so we can start to build out your angler profile and get your feedback on the baits you receive.

Are we going to get it 100% right? 
No.  It’s impossible and I hope people understand that.  

We’re going to do our best, but I guarantee that when we include a lipless crank bait in a box that someone will complain.  You can’t make everyone happy and I hope that people appreciate the fact that we are at least making an effort to regionalize the boxes for them.  That's still 100% better than sending a box of random baits like our competitors do.  Right?

The feedback loop…
So here’s where we let our subscribers influence our decisions and help to make the boxes better each month.  About two weeks after every subscriber receives their box, we’ll send them a survey to get their feedback.  We want to know where we hit the mark and where we missed.  We’ll then use that data to make better decisions on bait selection in future months. No other fishing subscription box allows its members to provide real-time feedback that directly effects our bait selection.  For example… if we put a deep diving crank bait in the northeast region box and the feedback overwhelmingly tells us that we shouldn’t include deep divers, then we’ll probably exclude them.  

So there’s my quick answer to your question.  I welcome your feedback and look forward to you helping me make this #thebetterbox

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