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September Unboxing | Decisions Decisions

September is often a tough time for anglers. Summer patterns aren't working and the fish just aren't really for the fall.  It's usually during this that anglers throw everything they've got at fish in hopes of putting more bass in the boat.

We recognize the frustrations that anglers face this time of year and so we've assembled this month's box with you in mind.  As the fish move to shallower water you need to throw baits that give you a fighting chance.

This month we've included 2 seasonally appropriate baits that we love throwing this time of year, along with 3 combinations of terminal tackle and baits that are perfectly paired to optimize your chances for success on the water.

Your Platinum Series Box contained the following:

  1. 8 regionally & seasonally appropriate baits
  2. 20 page guidebook detailing each bait in the box
  3. Killer instructional videos
  4. VIP hotline phone number
  5. $25 tournament entry fee
  6. $10 gift card
  7. Golden ticket
  8. Sticker & more...

I honestly believe that the baits in this month's box will help you catch more fish and look forward to your calls and questions on Thursday's Livestream. Remember that every Thursday at 4pm pacific is your opportunity to call in and ask myself or the Pros on our show any question you have about the box or about fishing in general.  It's a LIVE show so anything goes and as a subscriber you get VIP access to the hotline.  Cheers.  Rick

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  • What is free bait Friday?

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