Stock Up For Spring & Master A New Technique With These Kits

Stock Up For Spring & Master A New Technique With These Kits

Spring is right around the corner and it's the perfect time to start planning for your best season ever! The season where you catch your new PB or simply just bigger bass!  We've assembled a number of technique driven kits designed to help you master new techniques or just get better at the ones you love.

These boxes and kits come with everything you need for Texas rigging to Froggin' and more. And with spring fishing season upon us, now's a great time to stock up. And if you see something you like... well here's an extra 10% savings... use code: blog10%

Let’s do a quick dive into these boxes to see what they contain and talk through how to make the most of each kit when you’re on the water. 

Different Kits for Mastering Different Techniques
There are currently 6 different technique driven kits as well as an ULTIMATE Bass Box and MONSTERBASS Kids’ Box. And then there’s also Shaye Baker’s Ultimate Frog Box. But what’s in them? 

These two boxes come loaded with great baits for targeting fish in your area. The ULTIMATE Bass Box comes packed with MONSTERBASS brand favorites as well as baits from companies like Strike King, XZone & more. That’s a $110 value for $85.95.

If you’re looking for something for a young angler interested in fishing, the MONSTERBASS Kids' Box is the perfect fit. This box comes with a waterproof MONSTERBOX 3600 tackle tray, as well as these 7 products: Kast King line, TruTurn hooks, Roadrunner Spinnerbait, Panfish Magnets, Bobbers, Crimp weights and a Fish ID card. That’s a $30 value for $24.95.

Six Technique Driven Kits
Looking at the technique driven kits, these are the options: 80 Piece Carolina Rig Kit, 65 Piece Texas Rig Kit, 65 Piece Drop Shot Kit, 65 Piece Flippin & Pitching Kit, 50 Piece Tokyo Rig Kit and 75 Piece Wacky/Neko Rig Kit

Each of these kits have all the weights, hooks, terminal tackle and baits that you’ll need to hone your skills while sampling different techniques. These boxes retail for $75 each and are great for taking the guess work out of piecing together what’s needed for various techniques. 

Shaye Baker’s Ultimate Frog Box
Our Ultimate Frog Box was assemble by power-fishing fanatic Shaye Baker. Combining two bait categories into one box, Baker assembled his favorite toads and hollow body frogs so that the MONSTERBASS faithful could benefit from decades of his personal experience on the water testing dozens of similar products. 

Each Shaye Baker's Ultimate Frog Box includes: one SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye Frog 65, one SPRO Dean Rojas Bronzeye Poppin’ Frog 60, two packs of Stanley Ribbits, two packs of ZOOM Horny Toads, one pack of five 4/0 Mustad Ultra Lock EWG Worm Hooks and a MONSTERBOX 3700 Deep Waterproof Tackle Box. 

Bakers Kit

How To Make The Most Of These Boxes & Kits
We work tirelessly here at MONSTERBASS to bring the latest and greatest how-to content to you from our team of experts who have amassed decades of experience on the water. You can find tips on all these techniques and more by visiting the Fishing Tips section on our site. 


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