Storing Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (EASY Tip)

Storing Soft Plastic Fishing Lures (EASY Tip)

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There are so many ways to store fishing lures, but Brandyn shows you how he likes to go about storing his soft plastics with this quick, easy, inexpensive tip!

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Welcome back everybody. Brandyn Stoker here on behalf of MONSTERBASS.  In today's episode I want to talk to you guys about storing your soft plastics. Now there's many different ways that you could store your soft plastics. And basically what I'm going to do in this episode here for you guys is I'm going to go through the methods that I've used before for storing soft plastics. I'm going to go through the pros and cons of them and then I'm ultimately going to show you my best method and what I think is probably the best way to store soft plastics. But hopefully one of these ways for storing soft plastics will work for you guys.

So the first way that I stored soft plastics guys is I used to buy basically these trays here, these tackle trays.  I used to buy bigger ones in this one, but just showing you guys this one for an example. And I used to go through and organize them. So this one is mixed with a bunch of different stuff guys. But basically I would get a tackle tray and I would call it go craws and this tackle tray would have nothing but crawfish in it. And then I would get another one and put Senkos in this one and then that box would have nothing but Senkos. What I like about this method and what's great about this method of storing soft plastics is you can get very technical and specific with it. You can store all of your craws in one box, your worms in another and do that completely. But the only thing that sucks about it is you got to take them out of the package.

You got to put them in here. And a lot of the packages for soft plastics nowadays are designed to keep the baits with this specific smell or keep them, keep the bait in the certain position that it's in.  If you put them in the boxes, sometimes the worms and baits tend to like bend and whatnot and then they don't look the way that they're supposed to. So you don't get the exact presentation that the bait’s designed to give. But like I said, you can get super specific with this method. It's, it's great if you really meticulous and you want everything a certain way you could do craws and you could do, only green pumpkin craws if you really wanted to. You could get very, very specific with it, but it takes up a lot of room and in your boat you want to try to not take up as much room as you can.

So what this method, what I don't like about it is that I hate taking the plastics out of the bag. I absolutely don't like to do that.  This method it kinks them up and whatnot. So, and it, like I said, it takes up a lot of room in the boat. So this method right here is a method that you can use if you like to get very specific. But for me personally I just don't like how much room and all the tackle trays, extra tackle trays. And then I also don't like that you have to sit here and fill these up every time you run low.  I'd rather just have bags of plastics on me. So the next method guys, which is the method that I used last year that I thought was going to be my ultimate method that I was never going to stray from.

And that is this box right here guys. Now I can't remember what size this box is, but you, you guys can see it's a little deeper, right? Well I have this one labeled jig trailers and what I loved about it is basically I could pop this open, right? And I could fit a ton of packs of jigs in here, guys or jig trailers. I should say. I could fit a ton of plastics in this box cause it's a little bit deeper. Right?  the only thing is is that it's kind of not very organized. Everything, all the plastics that you end up putting in this box right here, guys end up getting all swished around and whatnot. It works well, but it didn't work as well as I thought it was going to. This is just an idea for you guys if you want. it works good because you can take plastics and kind of roll them to here or like one here and one here.

I kind of keep them somewhat organized but it's not really the best. It works but it's not my favorite way to do it. I thought it was going to be great, but this new way that I found is a lot better. But this does work if you guys want to do this and keep them in boxes and label them and it works a little bit better. You can fit quite a few packs in here. That's what I did like about this method is you could fit a lot of packs in just this one box. So finally, this option here, which I think is the best option, especially if you're storing soft plastics in your boat, this is also a super cheap method and you can find this at your local Walmart guys and that is going to be these shoe box size containers.

This specific shoe box size container, can't remember what size it is but it costs me like a dollar 80 something for just one container. I have like six or seven of them sitting over there. I might need more for soft plastics, but like I said, this box right here was like a dollar 80 something or whatever. These shoe box sized containers are super cheap guys and they latch. What I love about these is these have these latch system. You can just, you know, obviously open it up and you have all your plastics laid out in rows for you guys. I absolutely love using a rage tail swimmers and they fit in here perfectly. Also I can do it by color if I want. So I have like a bunch of whites in here and then I have like my darker ones towards the back.

So it's super organized. Guys, you can do craws and one which I have and then I have Senkos and another and tubes in another, but they fit perfectly in here and you can also organize them by color in here as well.  I love this method. Now the other thing too guys is they have shoe-box sized containers in all different sizes. So if this specific size isn't the size that you want, you can find a different size and use it a little bit differently per year for your boat. Each boat is laid out a little bit different. The shoe box sizes are absolutely perfect for me.  I love how these fit in here. If I need, if I need one of these out, I can just pull it right out of here and it's all organized. It's another thing with that other box guys is like I said, they got all swished around with this.

They're all upright. You can keep everything in the package, which I absolutely love doing. I love to keep them in the package, especially like strike King rage craws right here guys. I've got some in this package. They're designed, the betas designed to stay in this package guy so that it stays straight and everything. So I, like I said, I don't like to take them out of the package. So with this system, it would slide right in there and stay upright. Your bait wouldn't get crinkled up or anything. So there you have it guys. This is my best way of storing soft plastics. I'm, I usually put white duct tape on the top, labeling it, what I want the box. So I will put, you know, swimmers on the or paddle tails on this one.  but like I said, the shoe box is a super affordable way to store soft plastics and super efficient.


So I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode. Thank you guys for watching. If you have a better way of storing soft plastics or a way that I mentioned that you guys enjoy, go ahead and drop it down in the comments below.  We'd love to see what you guys have to say. But like I said, I hope you guys enjoyed today's episode. Remember to liken subscribing. We'll see you guys on the next one.

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