Tackle Storage: Thinking Outside the Box

Tackle Storage: Thinking Outside the Box

When it comes to tackle storage, there are literally dozens of companies that offer hundreds of products tailor-made for storing everything from terminal tackle to giant swimbaits. But you can find some pretty good ways to store tackle too if you think outside the box a little. Here are a few tips that you might not have thought of and off-the-wall places you may want to look for storing your tackle. 

Ziplocks - 

Plastic ziplock bags are some of the most versatile items you can use to store tackle. So much so, that there are several companies now offering heavy-duty zippered bags for storing soft plastics, hard baits still in their original packaging, spools of line, spare reels and other bulky items. 

But there are lot of things you can do with a simple sandwich bag too. One neat trick can be used to help protect high-dollar tungsten weights. If you toss painted tungsten weights in a box together, they’ll beat and bang off each other and chip the paint. But if you drop one into the corner of a sandwich bag, give it a twist, tie the corner off in a knot and then cut the corner free from the rest of the bag, you’ve got a nicely wrapped and protected tungsten weigh that you can now store with your other weights without worrying about the weights damaging each other.  

Zip Ties

Craft boxes - 

Tackle boxes can be pretty pricey. Looking outside the bass fishing world, you can find some pretty versatile alternatives in the Tupperware aisle at Walmart or even in your local craft store. I’ve even used the old school pencil box from the school supplies aisle to store soft plastic baits before. 

I recently stumbled onto a giant box containing a dozen or so other smaller boxes while walking by a Marshalls department store. This thing was like $14 bucks and has worked great for storing several different styles and colors of soft plastic baits. In my boat, I now have almost all of the soft plastics I use on a regular basis all in one place. And the individual boxes are still small enough to slide in my jacket pocket while I am fishing. I can also toss a couple in my travel bag if I don’t want to take the whole box with me when fishing with my dad or a buddy. 

I also found a bunch of little cube-shaped plastic boxes on Amazon once that fit perfectly down into the rows of a traditional 3700-style tackle tray. These allowed me to convert one of those tackle trays into a terminal tackle box, by separating all my weights, split rings, blades, swivels, beads and other odds and ends into their own compact containers. 

Pill bottles - 

Old medicine bottles work really well for storing slightly larger terminal tackle like hooks, underspins, Ned heads, wobble heads and shaky heads. Almost everyone has some sort of medicine bottle lying around, whether it's a prescription medicine bottle you can see through, a white Advil or Tylenol bottle or even a Tums container. Anything like this can be washed out and used to store a wide variety of terminal tackle. 

And a pill bottle like this is perfect for putting a few of the key components you might need during a day in the kayak or walking the bank. Say you’re fishing with a Texas rig. Put a couple extra weights, hooks and bobber stoppers into a pill bottle and slip it into your pocket or toss it on the floor of your kayak. Now you’ve got a supply on hand if you break off, all in a convenient little waterproof container. 

Pill Bottles

Thinking outside the box when it comes to tackle storage can save you a lot of money and perhaps even give you better ideas on how to store tackle than even what is currently available on the bass fishing market. These are just a few ideas. If you have some of your own, feel free to share them with us on our social media. 

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