Tackling Your Tackle

Tackling Your Tackle

By Carrie Cates

Fishing provides many opportunities for an angler to participate in a fun, challenging sport while experiencing everything nature has to offer.  One of our favorite rites of passage is amassing  large quantities of fishing tackle.  As the old saying goes, “Always buy three of every lure; one to use, one to lose and one for your friend after they see you catching that three pounder.” 

Whether it’s during the winter when your tackle box is in the corner of the garage, or after a day-long fishing trip, sometimes it feels like out of all the jigs you brought, only a handful of crankbaits and swimbaits made it home. This is where planning and organization, you can get your tackle organization in shape in no time!  

Storage Systems

Finding tackle trays and utility boxes is easy with the plethora of options we have on the market today.  Just take your time and research for the one that best fits your fishing tackle needs.  The best system I have found that works for my amount of tackle is Lure Lock’s 3 in 1 Deep Boxes and Lure Lockers.  The boxes and trays in this tackle storage solution come with a tacky gel that keeps all my lures secure and organized.  

If you have a large amount of soft plastic baits, the best way to store them is in their original packaging (especially if they contain scent or elastics), and put those packs in a small shoe-size plastic container.  I have found Sterilite 7 Quart Latch Boxes fit most soft bait packs. They can fit up to 25 packs in one container. One other way is to store them in a tackle tray.  I would only recommend this if they do not have any scent, dyes that stain or elastics.  Saltwater-impregnated baits work well stored this way. When in doubt, read the back of the package or go to the manufacturer’s website for their storage recommendations. You're better off ditching the Ziploc Bags and making an effort to have at least one box and some tackle bags to help preserve the plastic, scent, and salt.


Finding a good label maker or just using masking tape and a waterproof marker will make handling your fishing gear so much simpler.  It makes finding the trays you need quick and effortless.  Label makers are available at any office supply or major retail store for under $30.00 and are easy to use.

Location, Location, Location

Soft plastics are somewhat temperature sensitive and require storage in an area that doesn’t have extreme temperature swings.  This can cause premature degradation.  Hard plastics can warp if left in hot environments such as inside boat storage compartments during the heat of summer.  Try to find a space that remains close to or at room temperature and everything should be fine.

I hope these tips will help you in creating or maintaining an organized tackle inventory.  It will keep all the awesome lures and baits you receive from MONSTERBASS neat and tidy so you will know where everything is when it comes time to hit the water again on your next bass fishing (or even ice fishing) adventure.  Good luck out there and tight lines!

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