Targeting Bass on Windy Days

Targeting Bass on Windy Days

Some anglers despise the wind as it creates extra challenges for casting, boat positioning and overall comfort on the water. While this may be true, windy days can be some of the best fishing as wind churns up the water which helps conceal your lures better. It can also allow anglers to sneak up on fish without being seen and it also gets baitfish moving.  Wind can be your friend if you use the right approach.

Clear Water Wind

When fishing clear water, wind can be one of your best assets. Fish that can typically see and hear you coming from a distance now have their guard down and might roam free in search of their next meal. For ultra-clear water, windy days can be your best chance to catch monster bass.

 clear water wind bass fishing

Wind Positions the Bass

Another benefit for windy day bass fishing is that bass will often be positioned on likely areas as they look for food. Points are one of the best places to fish if the wind is pushing water over them. The wind acts like current as it washes over them and bass will often hide on one side of the point as they wait to ambush anything coming across.

 bass fishing wind

Lures to Use on Windy Days

For the most part, reaction baits like crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and jerkbaits are perfect for windy days. They can be fished quickly as you move and search for feeding bass and since the water is churned up, bass will be feeding somewhere.

One of the best ways to use these lures is to fish fast until you find the fish. Bass will often be grouped up together on windy days and use the same types of areas. If you notice bass are shallow and around rocks on a windy day, you can replicate this to other areas and create a pattern for locating more bass.

Early Season Wind

For most instances, the wind is good, but early in the year, it can make it harder to catch bass. This comes down to water temperature, and windy areas are going to be colder than protected areas. Don’t rule out windy areas when the water is cold, but be aware that the fish may not be as active.

big bass windy day

The next time you are fishing on a windy day, use it to your advantage. The wind can be your friend, and it is not always a foe.

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