The Top 5 Smallmouth Bass Lures

Smallmouth bass are a favorite of anglers across the country. They are an aggressive species that hit and fight hard, and they have a willingness to chase fast moving baits. There are many ways to catch a bronzeback, but these five lures have proven themselves as five of the best smallmouth bass lures.


Whether you are fishing in the Great Lakes, down south, or in the western states; smallies will crush a jerkbait. These lures come in many shapes and sizes and generally work best in clear water and around places smallmouth bass love to live. Rocky banks, riprap walls, and offshore cover are all prime places to fish a jerkbait for monster smallmouth bass.


The smallmouth is a species that will follow lures a long distance, and they rely heavily on sight to feet. Their nature makes them suckers for swimbaits. For the most part, use smaller swimbaits than you would for largemouth bass simply due to the size of their mouth.


Cranking is another good way to cover water and search for active smallmouth bass. These lures work great when targeting them because they can be fished at multiple different depths and because they imitate a wide range of forage. Some of the best colors to try for smallmouth are brighter reds and anything that looks like a crawfish, one of the smallmouth’s favorite meals.


This finesse rig is something that works for all species of bass, but the smallmouth, in particular, loves the action that this rig provides. There are countless options for soft plastics on the drop-shot, but some of the best producers are small three and four-inch straight tail worms and small baitfish imitators.

As a general rule, increase the length from the hook to weight based on the water clarity and depth. For deep water or for those times when the water is exceptionally clear, use a longer leader than you do in shallower or more stained water for smallmouth bass fishing.

Ned Rig

The Ned Rig is relatively new, but it has quickly made its’ way to the top five smallmouth bass lures because of how well it works. This downsized soft-plastic setup is tailor-made for smallmouth because of the small profile and how it is fished.

An approximately 3” soft plastic bait on a light jighead works wonders for smallmouth bass, and it will catch both numbers of fish as well as some real monster bass.

The smallmouth is a beloved species of bass, and their aggressive nature makes them a favorite across the country. These five smallmouth bass lures will catch them anywhere they swim.

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