Three Greats for Crank

Three Greats for Crank

Fall is onere bill of a bait like this makes contact with the cover, the rear of the bait kicks up. This allows the whole bait to move forward without the hooks having a chance to drag across the cover and snag.

The shallow-running crankbaits with more roush and other prey shallow in the fall.


Medium diving baits -

Bass often hang in the 4- to 10- foot range in the fall. This season is really a time when bass and by well along the routes bass travel in the fall. You’ll often heat the term “transition bank” this time of year, in reference to a bank that bass bass use to transition from deep water to shallow, or vice versa. These banks are often rocky and have a 45-degree slope to them, which makes them perfect for a medium diving crankbait. 

You can parallel the bank by positioning your boat about 30- to 50- feet offshore and then throwing your bait out in front of the boat as far as you can, while also casting close to the bank. This will start your bait off in shallow water so it can stay near the bottom as it begins to dive down, effectively fishing the “strikezone” where the bass will be.

 Medium Crankbait

Finesse crankbaits -

As the fall wears on and the water temps drop into the 50s, the crankbait fishing often slows considerably. You can still catch fish on a squarebill and medium diving crankbait, but you’ll nis route, it’s best to use 15-pound braid so that you can cast farther and pull fish from rocky and woody cover. If the water is particularly clear, you can use a 10-pound fluorocarbon leader with the braided mainline for stealth.

 Finesse Crankbait

Honorable mention and conclusion -

A lipless crankbait is hard to leave off a crankbait list when it comes to fall fishing. These baits work really well at all depths shallower than 15 feet in the fall. Lipless cranks are also perfect for people fishing form shore, giving anglers a versatile lure for various depths, and a bait that can be casted a great distance.

 Lipless Crankbait

When fishing in the fall, cranking is a great way to catch them. Use shallow running crankbaits up near the bank and out on shallow flats, selecting squarebills in particular around heavy cover. The medium diving crankbaits are well suited for picking bass off as they move from deep to shallow water. And the finesse cranks work best late in the fall and deep into the winter.

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