Tips for How to Catch More Post Spawn Bass

Tips for How to Catch More Post Spawn Bass

Tips for How to Catch More Post Spawn Bass

Your local bass have finished spawning and you now have a couple of days before they head back out deep to bulk back up. The transition period for bass is similar to the early prespawn, but in reverse. For larger bodies of water, look for long lake points and semi-deep water with little cover. Finding the pattern and timing on your body of water when the bass will transition from shallow to deeper lake parts will be the challenge, but here are a few tips on rigs and baits to use during this transitional time!

Deep Cranking

It isn’t a secret that deep diving crankbaits catch fish in transition. Bass are targeting shad and other baitfish this time of year, and a reaction strike can find you some big bites. The key is to choose your crankbaits based on the depth your bass are holding. Typically, I like to fish these baits by first cranking baits that will hug the bottom of the column. I’ll slowly go lighter if I find the fish are oddly suspended. I also like to think about the size of the bait. I’ve found that shad and other baitfish will stack in the water column often by general size. Smaller fish will stay shallower, and larger baitfish will inhabit deeper depths. Most baits made today reflect this, like in the differences between the Strike King 5xd and the 8xd.

The Carolina Rig

When the reaction strike from crankbaits has slowed, or a tough system has rolled in and you need to slow your presentation down, a carolina rig is a great go-to system. Fishing the Carolina Rig across a point or parallel to structure is a great way to fool fish on slow days where search baits aren’t getting it done. Think of this as a senko/stick bait dragged across a bass’ nose. Bass are still hungry and hunting, so why not give them an easy meal? They won’t object, and neither will you! Try it out, and remember that you can fish parallel structure with this system too!

Hopefully reading this has instilled some confidence to throw some deeper diving crankbaits that will get you deep enough to find bites. Also remember, when this bite dies or slows, switch to a Carolina rig to pick up a few fish in the deep or near points/structure. Now get out and catch yourself a monster! Tight lines!

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