Top 5 Baits for November Fall Bass Fishing

Top 5 Baits for November Fall Bass Fishing

The transition from October to November fall fishing can often be very tough on anglers for fall bass fishing success. During this time it’s very common for the bass to transition from gorging on bait in shallow waters to entering their lethargic state in anticipation of winter. Because of this, anglers also have to throw everything they learned in the previous fall months overboard and start fresh in regards to tracking down some BIG fall bass. Fall can be a time where you can catch a trophy bass. Today we will be diving into our top 5 baits for November fall bass fishing and how you can use them to your advantage and catch a trophy bass!

finesse jig lures for late fall bass

#1: Finesse Jig

As mentioned, when the colder temps continue to become more frequent, bass will often enter a lethargic state, which is exactly where the finesse jig comes in. The finesse jig is known as one of the best fall fishing lures because of its versatility and smaller profile. With the finesse jig, you can target the lethargic bass by simply dragging it on the bottom of the water column. If you happen to reel it past a bass, there’s a good chance they will eat it. Anglers often think that flashy reaction baits are best in November, and even though this is the case sometimes, more often than not bass prefer slow-moving baits that mimic forage in their waters. A jig is always a great option for targeting bass on the bottom of the water column, but sometimes they are still active--in which case our next bait on the list is the best option to use.

spinnerbait for late fall bass

#2: Spinnerbait

Sometimes during November, bass can still be very active in shallow waters depending on the region they are located in geographically. When the bass are feeding up shallow, the spinnerbait is one of the best bass lures for fall fishing. Anglers usually think that it’s best to steadily retrieve a spinnerbait, but if you are looking for a fall fishing reaction bite this is far from the case. When reeling the spinnerbait, it’s typically best to let it pause a few times on the way. This causes the skirt of the bait to “pulse” out and mimic a wounded baitfish. More often than not, this is a killer tactic to use in November being that baitfish are dying off in the cold shallow waters.

tube bait for late fall bass fishing

#3: Tube

As mentioned, bottom baits are often the key to getting consistent bites as the water cools down in November. With bass transitioning from active tendencies in shallow waters to more of a lethargic state in cooler temperatures, there’s no better bait to toss at them than the tube. The tube is the best option size-wise when targeting late fall bass because it’s not a huge meal like the jig, but it also is a bit bulkier than other finesse baits like the ned rig, which is often better if the bass are still seeking out bigger meals. The tube may be simple-looking, but don’t let that fool you because it’s by far one of the best baits to toss when in search of a late-fall MONSTERBASS.

best spoons for late fall bass fishing

#4: Spoon

Despite the common belief that lures mentioned above are the best for bass fishing this time of the year, the spoon has emerged as one of the most consistent lures for cold-water November bass. Often used as a winter bass fishing lure, the spoon can also work its magic for late-fall bass that have entered their lethargic state. With its small profile and shiny appearance, the spoon is a perfect snack for bass looking for their last meal before heading into the winter season. Vertical jigging is often best for the spoon, similar as it is when bass fishing in winter. If you can track down the bass in your waters and are just having trouble getting them to eat, don’t be afraid to try this unique lure that has worked wonders for our team in recent years.

best swimbaits for late fall bass

#5: Paddle Tail Swimbait

Whether it’s southern largemouth or midwest smallmouth you’re after, the paddle tail swimbait is a staple fall fishing lure that works wonders anywhere around the country. Frequently in the fall, baitfish school up, and bass follow shortly behind them. In this instance, the paddle tail is one of the better baits to toss in an attempt to mimic the baitfish in your waters. Whether it’s around docks, timber, or other structure the paddle tail swimbait paired with a jig head consistently gets bites for many anglers this time of year.

All in all, fishing in November can be one of the most troublesome times of the year to catch bass. With the fall to winter transition in full swing, there are often no distinct patterns for the fish to follow, but if you can find where the fish are in your waters, chances are they will eat one of the baits we mentioned today. We hope you tie on some of the lures we mentioned and hit the water to search for a trophy bass!

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