5 Tips For Catching Big Bass On A Chatterbait

5 Tips For Catching Big Bass On A Chatterbait

5 Easy Tips For Catching More Bass On A Chatterbait

When Z-man first introduced the original chatterbait, it quickly took the bass fishing world by storm. The bait produces the perfect amount of noise and motion to light up even a picky bass’ lateral lines. However, getting a fish to commit to a bait that has become so popular is often a challenge in highly pressured waters. Here are 5 tips for choosing the best trailer to convince those picky fish to commit and take the short trip to the deck of your boat.

You can NEVER go wrong with a creature bait!

The Strike King Rage Tail Twin Tail Menace is a unique take to the traditional creature bait Strike King is well known for. This soft plastic has two flailing appendages that kick naturally and can easily be cut or chunked to modify the profile to suit what YOUR bass need or want on any given day. This twin tail grub-style bait is adaptable and versatile, just like a good bass soft plastic bait should be!

Streamline your trailer…

Narrower swimming style soft plastic trailer baits are great for covering water quickly. They swim well, don’t get hung up as often, and flail like a defensive crustation. The Zoom Ultra Vibe Speed Craw is a great example of a high speed trailer that utilizes appendages to create motion and draw monster bass to check out the bait.

Something unique & new...

Fish live for quite some time, and see quite a few baits. Changing up the game in your local waters with something like the Big O’s Gamechanger  Eeliminator as a chatterbait trailer gives the bass a different profile and action to look at. The unique shape and patented flange is not often used as a trailer, and big monster bass may not be as accustomed to seeing it ripping by them. Try something new like the Eeliminator to give the big bass something new to munch on.

Slow down and add MORE thump!

Paddletail swimbaits are KNOWN to cause aggressive reaction strikes when fished alone or on a jug head, but when fished slowly as a chatterbait trailer, they provide all the lateral line stimulation big monster bass need to become interested or annoyed. Additionally, look for baits with the right thump at lower speeds. This allows you to keep your bait in the strike zone longer, giving the bass a great opportunity to strike.

Add some lighter finesse!

Taking a hard right turn from tip number two, adding a chatterbait trailer that offers more lifelike finesse movement like the Big Bites Baits Jointed Jerk Minnow will soften the presentation and often convince ultra spooky fish to commit to your bait when loud paddletail swimbaits aren’t putting them in the boat.

Hopefully these chatterbait trailer tips help you put a big 5 fish bag in the boat next trip! Chatterbaits are an extremely effective presentation that have become very popular since their introduction. Be different! Be sure to put thought into what the bass regularly sees and feels with its lateral line, and to select a trailer accordingly. Tight lines!

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