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Top 5 Fall Bass Baits (Catch More Fish in the FALL)

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Brandyn Stoker (Wisconsin Wildman), walks us through his Top 5 Baits to throw during the fall time.  These are the baits that he has confidence in to go catch big bass as we move into the fall and colder months of the year.
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    What's going on everybody? Brandyn Stoker here on behalf of MONSTERBASS and in today's episode we're going to be talking about my top five lures for fishing in the fall time. So before we dive into the lures, we've got to look at what are the fish going to be feeding on this time of the year. We're in the fall time. Those fish are going to start feeding up for the winter. They have to, it's just a natural thing that happens with bass that they can just know that they need to feed up and this is the time of the year when they do it. This is the time of the year where you're going to start to find and focus on those shallow pockets, those shallow coves where those fish are going to push bait fish into and really school up on them and just feed like heck on them.

    You've got to pay attention to what kind of bait fish are in your lake or are in your river system. Around here on the Mississippi especially we're going to be fishing a lot of shad, any sort of bait fish really sunfish, bluegill any sort of thing like that. So, any bait that resembles that is going to be a good choice. The fall time can really be a heck of a time to fish guys. I've gone out in the fall time and just hammered bass. I mean you can pretty much toss just about anything on a good day of fall fishing and they're going to eat it just because of that, the natural fact that they have to feed up.

    Here are my top five that I use specifically in the fall time that get me the most bites.

    BAIT #1

    So the first thing that I like to use guys is a walking bait. It's one of my favorite things to use especially early, early mornings. I love to get out early morning in the fall time, get into those shallow bays pockets, and you can see, you'll see bass just busting on shad busting on different bait fish. And that's where throwing a walking bait or even a popper style bait is going to be key.

    This is actually the MONSTERBASS walking bait here and this thing it walks really, really well. But like I said a walking bait or a popper is going to resemble those bait fish popping, getting chased by those bigger fish. And especially a big walking bait like this it really stands out to that fish. Those fish are feeding up on bigger schools, bigger balls of bait, and they need something that's going to stand out to them. So, anything that you can do with a lure that's going to really stand out is going to be money. But like I said a walking bait or a top water popper works great.

    BAIT #2
    That leads me to my next bait here guys and that's going to be a spinnerbait. Now here I have a white and chartreuse spinner bait. Mainly for colors I like to use a white and chartreuse or your sexy shad style color, something that's going to resemble the bait that are in my area. It's really convenient that this spinner bait actually came in my MONSTERBASS box for September. Perfect for the fall time fishing especially around in the Midwest region. But what I love about a spinner bait and what makes a spinner bait so special amongst other baits is the blades. It creates that vibration and it creates that shine in the water. You're going to have balls of bait that are getting chased around by fish and these spinner baits are really good at standing out. You're going to have bass that are striking huge balls of bait and if you have a spinner bait that's shining, really shimmering in the water, that's going to get that bass to hit your lure over just pretty much missing it. So you can never go wrong with a spinnerbait.

    BAIT #3
    The next bait I like to go to guys is a square bill. Now, I love a square bill crank bait especially for just pounding it off a rock. These bass are going to be sitting shallow. If you could find some good rip wrap, a good spot of rock that you want to rip something through that's going to be resembling a shad or a bait fish what better than a square bill crank bait. This is a bluegill style color which works really well and then this is just your traditional sexy shad color. If I'm fishing more stained water I'm going to fish more of like a red style square bill crankbait or even a chartreuse and black works really good in stained water. But a square-bill you can't go wrong with that. It resembles a bait fish perfectly.

    BAIT #4
    My next favorite bait to throw guys if the spinnerbait isn't quite working especially early fall when you're trying to toss that spinner made around but you're getting hung up in grass, you're having to rip through grass constantly. It can get annoying and frustrating. So, if I'm ever in those situations where the spinner baits just not doing it for me and I'm having to rip it through grass I switch it up to a swim jig here. Now I love fishing a swim jig. I am a huge fan of a swim jig. They are very versatile bait but I love them because you could skip them under docks, you can get them into those shallow areas, and they pull through the grass really well. They are really designed to come through the grass super nice and I love to throw a rage tail paddle tail on them or just any sort of paddle tail. Keitech even works. But I love that because it's going to resemble once again a bait fish coming through the water.

    Now I like to use white quite a bit bit if whites just not doing it for me and the water is really stained, really muddy, I'll switch it up to a black and blue. You can never go wrong with black and blue in my opinion. But those are pretty much the two main colors I use for swim jigs is a white and a black and blue. You could switch it up to a bluegill pattern and that's going to work just as good.

    BAIT #5
    Now lastly guys, if I'm fishing and I'm just not getting bit off of any of those baits that are resembling bait fish and whatnot and it just seems like especially towards the end of fall when the water temps are really dropping those fish are going to start to get a little more finicky because the water's really cooling down. That's when I like to switch it up to just a flipping jig like to go to a three eighths or a half ounce flipping jig, throw in a crawfish style trailer on it, and throw that sucker around. Just flip it around brush piles, around rock, around wood especially. You can really throw a jig just about anywhere and like I said when those water temps are really, really cooling down you're definitely going to want to have at least one, a jig or something in the box to get on the bottom and just try to finesse those fish into a good bite.

    Another thing with the jig is I like to use black and blue quite a bit especially around here, it gets a lot of stained water. But a white jig works just as good or you could go for a more natural color as well. But it's really going to depend on water clarity. Most of the time I fish in pretty stained water so I'm going to stick the black and blue.

    But there you have it guys. Those are my top five fall bass fishing lures. Like I said you can pretty much throw just about anything. Not only just these are going to work in the fall time but these are pretty much my five go to lures for the fall time. Thanks for watching. Remember to like and subscribe and we will see you guys on the next one.

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    • I recently was fishing sodus bay and i used a white spinnerbait. We were catching bass all day with those white ones. Pretty descent size bass too.

      Jennifer |
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