The Four Best Ways To Rig A Ned Rig

The Four Best Ways To Rig A Ned Rig

The 4 BEST Ways to Rig the Ned Rig

Top Tips You Need to Know!

The Ned rig and the various ways to “switch it up” aren’t just a numbers bait. Some big monster bags have been weighed using the Ned rig! Here are a few ways to rig and fish the Ned rig to find both numbers of fish and some big fish as well!

The OG Ned rig provides the perfect “do nothing” presentation that drives bass crazy! The perfect blend of using the Z-Man ShroomZ head in a light 6oz. And a Z-Man TRD or TicklerZ gives the fish exactly what they’re looking for in a slow and methodical bait. Work this presentation as a start in likely areas where you feel bass would congregate. I like using some of the new offerings like the newer craw-like patterns (like the Z-Man CrawZ) that are being designed for the Ned as well! Bass go crazy for them!

  1. Looks good in a skirt… Adding some “body” to the Ned rig’s profile by adding a skirt or by using a finesse jig head and skirt. By adding a skirt to an original Shroomz head, you maintain the same action of the bait, but add some movement and bulk. The rate of fall will change a little, but that may not be a bad thing if you have the time to present a slowly falling meal to big bass. If you choose to use a finesse jig to add bulk to the Ned rig, then the presentation and action of the bait will alter slightly. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the way the bait stand on the lake bottom will look different between the ShroomZ head and a finesse jig head due to their different shapes.

Bring the Mojo! We’ve all used the Carolina rig at one time or another when learning to fish, but what about the Mojo rig? The Mojo rig is like a downsized Carolina rig designed for finesse styles of fishing in freshwater systems. It is like the Ned rig and the Carolina rig has a beautiful “power-finesse” baby, that catches tons of fish! To rig the Mojo rig, I like to use a 1/0 worm hook (or an EWG) and then Texas rig your bait of choice without a bullet weight. About a foot above the bait, pinch one or two split shot onto your line. Fish it like an unpegged Texas rig, or slowly drag and twitch your bait through high likelihood areas. BOOM, you have a new fish catching machine.

The Neko rig is a KILLER! This Japanese designed system is as simple as wacky rigging your finesse bait of choice, with some extra special care. Take your wacky rig (bait rigged in the middle, often with an o-ring) and add a nail weight to one side of the soft plastic bait. This is like a Ned rig on a pendulum and adds a unique action to your finesse style fishing. Although not truly a Ned rig, it is close enough to mention, and straight CATCHES fish!

Hopefully you learned something, or have a few new ideas to take it with you this weekend on the water! Tight lines, and go find yourself a giant MONSTER bass!

Colton Orbaker
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