MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Bone Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Jade Shad Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Creeper Reaper Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Chartreuse Blue Back Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Chrome Threadfin Shad Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Oneida Perch Seeker 12
MONSTERBASS Crankbaits Seeker 12

Seeker 12

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The MONSTERBASS Seeker Series Crankbaits were designed to be the ultimate line of crankbaits for exploring every level of the water column in search of hungry bass.  Available in 3 distinct diving depths, the Seeker Series features a magnetic weight transfer system that allows you to cast these crankbaits a country mile with pinpoint accuracy and its fast-floating action helps it effortlessly pop over heavy cover. The Seeker Series comes armed with 2 razor-sharp BKK hooks, premium paint schemes and a rounded bill which gives it a unique hunting action. 

Everything about this crankbait series is intentionally premium and was designed to help you put more bass in the boat. Tie one on today and go crush your new personal best!  



  • Dives to: 12'
  • Length: 2.5”
  • Weight: 1/2 oz