True Center Stick

By: X Zone Lures
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This is a unique take on the stick bait as XZone has marked the true center of the bait letting angler know exactly where to put the wacky rig hook through the bait or the O-Ring around the bait.

  • Size: 5”
  • Available at: many tackle retailers nationwide or at

At 5 18 inches long the X Zone True Center Stick you can Texas-rig it, wacky rig it, pitch it into heavy cover or throw it weightless. You find this bait to be at its best when rigged weightless on a wacky rig hook. The wacky rig is a technique that is one of the few that is almost a guaranteed fish catcher. Even the most pressured bass can’t resist the enticing shimmy of a slow sinking wacky rigged True Center Stick!

  • Reel: 6:1-7:1+
  • Rod:  7'- 7' 6" M-MH. Spinning or casting rod depending on the technique you decide upon.
  • Line: fluorocarbon 12-15lb or 15lb braid to a 7-12lb fluorocarbon leader.

A stick bait or stick worm as many people call them is one of the most versatile tools an angler can have around. These baits are loaded with salt which makes them sink with an enticing shimmy even without a weight attached. From weightless wacky rig to flipping into heavy cover with a pegged weight this bait will surely put fish into the boat, bank, or kayak.