August Unboxing | Platinum Series

August Unboxing | Platinum Series

This ds and submerged vegetation. Technique: Cast near structures, give a slight twitch to the pencil, and let it sit briefly. Repeat this to imitate a wounded or struggling prey. Expect explosive strikes during low light conditions.

2. Thunderhawk Lures Grunt Jig: Best Time: Throughout the day, but focus on early morning and dusk for active feeding. Best Location: Target structures like rocks, submerged logs, and weed edges in deeper water. Technique: Cast near cover, let the jig fall to the bottom, then use a slow, subtle jigging motion to imitate a crawfish or baitfish. This approach can trigger bites from bass lurking in cooler, deeper zones.

3. Bucketmouth Brand Bucket Get'Er Frog: Best Time: Early morning and dusk for topwater action. Best Location: Shallow areas with heavy vegetation, pads, and lily pads. Technique: Cast close to cover, retrieve with a walking motion (short twitches combined with reeling), allowing the frog to mimic a real frog's movement. Be ready for explosive strikes as bass ambush their prey.

4. Thunderhawk Lures Grenade 2.75: Best Time: Throughout the day, with peak action around dawn and dusk. Best Location: Vegetation transition zones, points, and underwater structures. Technique: Use as a trailer for swim jigs or vibrating jigs. Retrieve with a steady and consistent motion, mimicking baitfish movement. Vary the speed to trigger strikes, especially during low light periods.

5. Vicious Fishing Busy Beaver: Best Time: All day, with potential peak action during cooler morning hours. Best Location: Around heavy cover like docks, laydowns, and brush piles. Technique: Pitch or flip the bait into cover, letting it fall naturally. Experiment with different colors and retrieve speeds. Slow down your presentation in warm water to entice bass in shaded areas.

6. Zee Baits Snake Charmer: Best Time: Throughout the day, with a focus on early morning and late afternoon. Best Location: Deep drop-offs, points, and submerged structures. Technique: Use on a Carolina rig, dragging it slowly along the bottom with pauses to mimic a snake's movement. Target deeper waters where bass may be congregating due to the heat.

7. Castaic Fishing Jerky J: Best Time: All day, but nighttime can also yield results. Best Location: Shad-rich areas like points, humps, and drop-offs. Technique: Retrieve the bait with twitching and jerking motions to imitate injured baitfish. During the night, target well-lit areas near docks. Adjust your retrieval speed based on the bass's mood.

Remember, while these are general guidelines, factors like local conditions, weather, and the specific behavior of the fish can influence your success. Adapt and experiment as you go along to find what works best in your fishing location during August.

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