MONSTERBASS Takeover | We're gonna need a BIGGER box!

MONSTERBASS Takeover | We're gonna need a BIGGER box!

Introducing this month's MONSTERBASS Takeover box, an angler's dream come true! It’s so packed that it doesn’t all fit into the box. 

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The Details: Make sure you look at the Guidebook… sure it contains tips and video links on the baits in the box BUT it also includes 2 coupons for you to get a FREE Rod Cover and a FREE Face Shield!

This month is packed with an exciting selection of baits designed to help you attack every level of the water column. Some of the baits included in the MONSTERBASS Takeover box are carefully curated items that cater to a variety of fishing scenarios. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect to find in this month's box:

* NEW MONSTERBASS soft plastics: So new that they don’t even have a name yet! Scan the QR code on the package and tell us what you think about the baits. You’ll even have a chance to name these new for 2024 baits!

* Seeker Series Lures (6, 8, and 12): The Seeker lures offer a versatile range of sizes to suit different fishing conditions. Their realistic design and action are bound to attract the attention of a wide array of species.

* Rollo 6: The Rollo 6 is a 6’ diving crank bait with a dressed rear treble and brings a unique wobbling action to the table. Give it a pause on the retrieve and watch what that dressed treble does to fish! OMG!

* Incision: The Incision lipless offers precision and finesse. Its lifelike movement and profile are perfect for targeting finicky fish in clear water or when finesse tactics are necessary.

* Mad Max Popper: Creating a splash and commotion on the water's surface, the Mad Max Popper is perfect for drawing out aggressive bass. Its popping action mimics prey struggling on the surface.

* The Patriot: The Patriot showcases the colors and patterns that trigger predatory instincts. Its lifelike design and enticing motion make it a go-to option for hungry bass.

* Ragnar: The Ragnar lure boasts a sturdy build and dynamic movement. Whether you're casting or trolling, this versatile lure covers a wide spectrum of fishing techniques.

* Slick Stick 99 and Slick Stick 110: The Slick Stick lures come in two sizes, offering different diving depths and actions. These stickbaits are excellent for imitating injured baitfish and triggering strikes.

* Tokyo Rig: The Tokyo Rig offers a unique presentation that can entice even the most wary fish. Its setup allows for a natural movement that mimics a creature foraging on the bottom. Pair this with the craws and the tungsten weight from the Pro Packs and you are setup for success!

* Ned EWG: The Ned EWG adds versatility to your finesse fishing arsenal. Pair it with your favorite ned bait and it’s a homer!

Whether you're a fan of finesse tactics, surface action, or diving lures, this box has you covered for various fishing situations. Get ready to take your fishing game with the MONSTERBASS Takeover box!

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