October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

Fall is a season of transformation in the angling world, as fish transition from their summer patterns to prepare for the coming winter. With dropping water temperatures and changing forage availability, selecting the right baits is crucial to stay ahead of the game in fall tournaments.

This month, MONSTERBASS has left no stone unturned in their quest to equip tournament anglers with an impressive arsenal of baits. In this exclusive review, we're going to unpack some of the best baits from the October MONSTERBASS box, tailored for those looking to dominate the competition.

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Yo-Zuri 3DB Squarebill: The Crankbait Craze

When the leaves start to fall, and the water gets cooler, bass tend to feed on shad and baitfish. The Yo-Zuri 3DB Squarebill is a masterful choice for mimicking these prey. This crankbait's tight wobble and realistic 3D eyes make it an irresistible target for hungry bass, especially in the shallows. Its square lip design helps it deflect off cover, making it a go-to option when targeting bass lurking in fallen trees or rocks. Try running it along the edges of submerged vegetation for explosive fall action.

Xcalibur Spinnerbait or Popper: Versatile Topwater Game

As the water temperatures drop, topwater action heats up. The Xcalibur Spinnerbait or Popper provides the best of both worlds. The Spinnerbait is ideal for covering a lot of water and drawing reaction strikes, while the Popper excels at creating a commotion on the surface to trigger those aggressive topwater bites. This duo offers versatility, allowing you to adapt to changing conditions and various species preferences. As the sun sets lower in the sky, keep an eye on that topwater magic.

Bagley Sunny B: The Fall Favorite

The Bagley Sunny B is a classic crankbait that comes into its own in the fall. Its balsa wood construction gives it a natural buoyancy that mimics struggling baitfish, making it a must-have in your fall arsenal. The unique wobbling action and irresistible finishes of the Sunny B are deadly when the bass are chasing baitfish in open water or near structure. Work it with steady retrieves or pause to let it float up – the bass can't resist.

V&M Pacemaker Jig: Get Down Deep

As the water cools, bass often move to deeper structures. The V&M Pacemaker Jig is the perfect tool for targeting these deep-water bass. Its unique design allows it to get down to where the fish are, and the variety of colors ensures there's a perfect match for your local forage. Pair it with your favorite trailer to create a versatile presentation that can imitate both crawfish and baitfish, depending on your retrieve.

XZone Muscle Back Chunk: Perfect Trailer Partner

When it comes to jig trailers, the XZone Muscle Back Chunk stands out. Its super-soft, ribbed body and lifelike appendages create an irresistible profile in the water, making it a prime choice to pair with your favorite jigs. This bait is sure to entice those sluggish bass into biting during the fall, making it a staple in your tournament tackle box.

MONSTERBASS : The Dirk Wiggler

When it comes to fall bass fishing, versatility is the name of the game, and the NEW MONSTERBASS Dirk Wiggler is a valuable addition to your tackle box. This soft plastic stick bait is known for its uncanny ability to trigger strikes from even the most finicky bass.

The Dirk Wiggler's slender profile and lifelike action make it a standout bait for fall conditions. Bass tend to key in on smaller, more subtle presentations as the water cools, and this worm's action is perfect for drawing those cautious strikes. It excels in various rigging options, from weightless wacky rigging to Texas and Carolina rigs.

Its subtle quivering motion as it falls through the water column imitates a wounded baitfish or a struggling worm, making it irresistible to bass that are feeding opportunistically during this season of change. The natural color options make it an excellent choice for imitating local forage, whether it's a natural shad or crayfish pattern.

This bait is particularly effective when fishing around cover like fallen trees or submerged vegetation, where bass often seek refuge during the fall. As the temperature drops and fish become more sluggish, and it's slow fall rate provides a tantalizing presentation that can lead to those crucial bites.

Xcite Baits Minnobi: Finesse at its Finest

Last but not least, the Xcite Baits Minnobi is the perfect finesse bait for fall conditions. This compact, versatile bait can be rigged in multiple ways to adapt to your preferred style of fishing. Whether you're drop shotting, wacky rigging, or using a shaky head, the Minnobi's lifelike action and scent will have those finicky fall bass biting.

The October MONSTERBASS box is packed full of baits perfectly suited for the ever-changing fall conditions. Whether you're looking to create commotion on the surface, work the depths, or tempt bass with versatile presentations, this month's selection has you covered.

As a tournament angler, the right bait can make all the difference, and MONSTERBASS has delivered a lineup that's sure to boost your fall success. Don't miss out on these fantastic baits and prepare to dominate the competition this season. Happy fishing!

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October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

October Unboxing | Great Fall Baits

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