December | Platinum Box Breakdown

December | Platinum Box Breakdown

The December Platinum Series box is a gift that not only caters to the angler in your family but also ensures an unforgettable fishing experience at their favorite spots. Packed to the brim with top-tier baits, this collection is a treasure trove for any fishing enthusiast.

  1. This month we're excited to announce the inclusion of the American Snakehead Customs Cobra Spinnerbait. Crafted with precision, this spinnerbait promises to lure in the most elusive catches, making it an essential addition to any angler's arsenal. Its unique design and expert craftsmanship ensure a successful day out on the water.

  2. The Strike King KVD Flatside Crankbait adds another dimension to this impressive assortment. Engineered to dive deep and mimic the erratic movements of prey, this crankbait is a game-changer for those who seek to conquer the underwater terrain and entice the most cunning fish.

  3. For versatility and finesse, the XCalibur Suspending Jerkbait is a standout choice. Designed to suspend in the water, this jerkbait mimics injured prey, triggering predatory instincts in fish. Whether in open water or amidst structure, this bait excels in enticing bites from a variety of species.

  4. The MONSTERBASS Vibemaster brings a touch of innovation to the collection, featuring cutting-edge technology to create irresistible vibrations and action in the water. 

  5. The Biobait Leach introduces an eco-friendly option to the mix, catering to anglers who value sustainability. Made from biodegradable materials, this bait not only performs exceptionally well but also minimizes environmental impact, aligning with responsible fishing practices.

  6. Mustad 2/0 offset worm hooks provide the perfect complement to soft plastics, ensuring a secure and effective setup for a wide range of fishing scenarios. These hooks are designed to enhance hooksets and increase the chances of a successful catch.

  7. To complete the package, the MONSTERBASS rod cover offers protection for your prized fishing equipment. With a sleek design and durable construction, this cover keeps your rod safe during transport and storage, ensuring it remains in top-notch condition for countless fishing adventures.

  8. Holiday bonus... I through in an extra pack of soft plastics because I love you guys!

So there you have it... this month's MONSTERBASS box goes beyond being a mere gift; it's a curated selection of premium baits that cater to the diverse preferences of every angler. From innovative designs to eco-conscious choices, this collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to delivering excellence in the world of fishing. Make this gift the highlight of the season for the angler in your family, and let the adventure begin.

Whether you're new to bass fishing or looking to smash your PB, the MONSTERBASS PB Club box is the perfect way to take your bass fishing skills to the next level. Every month, we deliver a collection of high-performance fishing tackle that’s personalized for you by our team of tournament pros.

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