2024 Limited Edition Z-Man Box

2024 Limited Edition Z-Man Box

This month's Z-Man takeover box is our most anticipated box ever! 

It's the box you've anxiously awaited for over a year and it features some of the most effective baits on the planet.  Each bait & color combination was recommended by Daniel Nussbaum, President & CEO of Z-Man to ensure that every bait pairs perfectly with one another.  So if you're simply looking to save a bunch of money or you're trying to become a better angler... this box has you covered!

Spoiler Alert... if you don't want to know what's in this month's Platinum Series Box... stop reading. lol

Here's a video showing  you the suggested rod, reel, line and how to fish each bait...

Let's dive into each bait featured in this month's version of the Platinum Series Box and learn more about why every bait is a homerun!

  1. Z-Man Jackhammer & the Z-Man Chatterspike: The Z-Man Jackhammer, when combined with the Chatterspike, becomes a powerhouse for targeting tournament-winning bass. The Jackhammer is renowned for its ability to create significant underwater disturbance, attracting fish from a distance. Its unique design allows for a fast start and easy use in heavy cover. The Chatterspike adds an extra layer of appeal with its vibrating action, mimicking wounded baitfish perfectly. This combo is ideal for clear water conditions where visual attraction is key, ensuring a higher chance of a successful catch.

  2. Z-Man Hellraizer: The Z-Man Hellraizer is a new breed of topwater bait for anglers looking for versatility and effectiveness. This bait is designed with a distinctive, lifelike action that mimics small prey fish, making it irresistible to predatory species. Its durable construction ensures longevity, even after multiple catches. The Hellraizer crushes bass, making it a must-have in any anglers looking to score a topwater bite.  It's sick!

  3. Z-Man Willowvibe & the Z-Man 3.75" Streakz: Pairing the Z-Man Willowvibe with the 3.75" Streakz creates a lethal combination for attracting bass. The Willowvibe, known for its slender, willow-leaf blade, produces a subtle yet enticing vibration underwater. This is complemented by the Streakz, which offers a realistic baitfish profile and swimming action. This duo is particularly effective in finesse fishing situations, where a more delicate approach is needed to entice wary fish. The natural presentation of this combo makes it a top choice for clear water and heavily pressured fishing spots.

  4. Z-Man Big TRD & the Z-Man Power Finesse Shroomz Jigheads: The combination of the Z-Man Big TRD and Power Finesse Shroomz Jigheads is a game-changer for finesse fishing. The Big TRD is designed for Ned rigging, offering a buoyant, life-like presentation that is hard for fish to resist. When paired with the Power Finesse Shroomz Jigheads, this setup becomes incredibly versatile, allowing for various presentations from dragging along the bottom to hopping or swimming actions. The jighead's unique design ensures the bait stands upright on the bottom, mimicking a feeding baitfish and triggering strikes from even the most cautious fish.

This box is loaded and comes with over $58 worth of baits! Join today and you'll receive a text every Friday to get a FREE bait + you'll earn loyalty points toward FREE gear + you'll get access to over 400 how-to videos + more.  Get yours before it's SOLD OUT!

BONUS: Get a extra Jackhammer Chatterbait ($15.99 MSRP) for FREE when you use code: JACK at checkout.

Note: You must add 1 JackHammer to your cart along w/ your subscription to receive the 2nd JackHammer for FREE!

Click here to get yours now!

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