January 2021 Unboxing

January 2021 Unboxing

This month's box is the much anticipated Limited Edition Strike King & Bio Bait box!

In my effort to bring you the best bass fishing subscription boxes every single month, I spared no expense when I put together this month's Limited Edition Strike King/BioBait box. All of the hard baits are from Strike King and all of the soft plastics are full packs from BioBait. 

This box will 100% sell out so act quick before they're gone.  There's a reason why we're known as #thebetterbox and that's because we're constantly trying to prove it each month by putting together sick boxes like this one.

Click Here to get yours today!

The Regional Pro Series box i'm breaking down in this video contains the following baits...

  • Strike King Red Eye Shad
  • Strike King Flat Sided 1.5 crank bait
  • Strike King 3XD
  • Strike King Sugar Buzz
  • Strike King Jordan Lee comeback jig
  • BioBait 5" Stinko - 8 pack
  • BioBait 5" Switchback - 6 pack
  • BioBait 3.75" Leech - 10 pack
  • Daiichi Bleeding Bait Series hooks

Click Here to get yours today!


Video Transcript

You've been waiting for it. Here it is. And I promise you, everybody's going to want some. This is the Strike King/Bio Bait Takeover Box. Every hard bait in this box is from Strike King, and every soft plastic's from Bio Bait. It's one of the best boxes of the year. It's going to sell out. Don't wait. I'm going to walk you through it right now. All right. You know me, I'm trying to bring you the best boxes all the time. I'm also trying to hook you guys up with cool stickers. Here's a picture of Josh Moody, he started the whole Freedom Toss craze. We made him into a sticker. Let's immortalize this guy.

Here we go. Probably one of the best baits of all time, in a brand new color for 2021, Strike King Red Eye Shad. Perfect for this time of year. Let's be honest, it's perfect for any time of year. We got the 1.5 Flat Side. Flat Side. Love fishing Flat Side Crankbait this year. It's got a really tight action and a wobble. Sometimes it makes me feel like I'm fishing balsa wood, but love this bait. Strike King 3XD. Now, don't worry. If you're sitting in Florida watching this, and you're, "I can't fish the 3XD," we're the only company that regionalizes the boxes. You're not going to get crap you can't use. We're sending it only to the regions that can fish these types of baits. We've got you hooked up. Your box will look a little bit different than mine.

Jordan Lee Comeback Jig. That's four. My favorite buzzbait of all time, Strike King Sugar Buzz. What makes us bait special, it's almost got a swivel on the backend, so that it gives you this different type of action than a traditional buzzbait. Love this. You will too. And then to round out the box, I needed to hook you guys up with some hooks. So, I partnered with Daiichi, the leading bait series. I love Red Hooks. You guys know my opinion on Red Hooks, that's why Monsterbass Baits always have Red Hooks. I hooked you guys up with those. Second half of the takeover's from our good friends at Bio Baits. Now, if you aren't familiar with Bio Baits, made in the United States, biodegradable, infused with fish oil, and all of these are full packs. If you haven't checked them out, check them out now, please. These are three of their most popular baits, and their three most popular colors. These are their 5 inch stick bait. It's called the Stinko.

This is a leech in a watermelon red flake, and this is their Switchback. This is more of a finesse type worm. And again, all full packs. Three packs of baits from a company that's making them all here in the United States, and we paired it with a whole whack-load of Strike King. Because let's face it, can we get enough Strike King in our life? Probably not. But I'm doing my best to hook you guys up with as much Strike King as I possibly can, whether it's a new color for 2021, or a bait you've never used, you can't go wrong. Every item in this box is legit, and it's going to sell out. So if you haven't hooked yourself up with one of these things yet, make sure you do, because we go on sale January 1. It's going to sell out. Don't wait. You got comments or questions, put them down below. I'll hook you guys up with one of these bad boys. Happy New Year.

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