February 2021 Unboxing

February 2021 Unboxing

 The February 2021 Western Region box, or should we say bag, is the beginning of a new era here at MONSTERBASS.  We've taken the new year by storm and bringing you, yet again, something never done before by other subscriptions boxes.

Boxes... exactly.  Why do we all need boxes?  To safely transport our lures from our warehouse to your homes? But what do you do with all of the boxes afterwards? Short answer... nothing.  It's a waste of money and space... so I decided to replace the boxes with reusable bait bags. 

The new MONSTERBASS Bait Bags are water-resistant and perfect for organizing your baits or storing whatever you need for the kayak.  Other brands sell them for $10-$20 and we're going to include them as a bonus for FREE each month!

Remember that unlike everyone else who send you random baits... we actually customize the baits you receive to be a perfect match for the area of the country where you're fishing.  This month the baits I received were as follows...

  1. Baker Lures jerkbait
  2. Bass Bulletz hybrid crank bait
  3. Gene Larew tattle tail worm
  4. Smartbaits curly tail worm
  5. Spearpoint Performance hooks
  6. Strike King Series 4 crank bait
  7. Thunderhawk camel craw
  8. Z-man power finesse jig
  9. Bonus: MONSTERBASS Bait Bag

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Video Transcript

What's up party people? I'm back for another unboxing or do I call it an un-bagging? I don't really know, but the first of its kind in the industry, we're ditching the boxes because you know what? Everyone else has boxes, and they're garbage, and they don't do anything. They just take up room. And, let's be honest, they're not really good for the planet because they're not reusable, we just chuck them. I'm delivering you better because you deserve better. This month if you're getting our bass box, the original Pro Series or the National, I'm hooking you up with a reusable bait bag, every single month. That's right, every single month you're going to get a reusable bait bag that your baits are going to come in, so that you can organize your stuff. You want to grab something, bring it to the water, you want just a couple things? Boom, throw it in your backpack, you're good. You want to throw your wallet in here, keep it dry? Boom, you're good. Why? Love you guys.

All right, let's bust out. It's a little cold today. Did I tell you guys it snowed in Los Angeles? No joke, a couple days ago it was snowing in Malibu. Kids came out, they looked at the roof, they saw that it was white. It was really frost but they were convinced that it was snow. Whatever, seven year olds.

All right. Here it is, you ready? Let's do it. Again, different bags, different regions. My region's going to be different than yours, but let's bust through it. All right. All right. This month we started out with a Strike King Series 4, dives five to eight foot. Love it. This is a brand that is new to the market, I believe they're out of Europe. I know that their US headquarters is based in Florida. This is called Bass Bullets. Which one is this one? This is the Lip Ripper. It's a 2/3, dives one to six feet. I don't know if you can see that? Let me see if I can get that for you. Oh yeah. It's got a smaller presentation, super sticky hooks. This is also dope for little ponds.

Let's see, really excited ... Let's see, Gene Larew, we got a full pack of the Tattletail Worms. This is a 10 pack. Gene Larew makes quality soft plastics. Can't say enough about them. We got some Smartbaits, this is a ... If you don't know much about Smartbaits, okay, so these are made in the United States. Smartbaits is based out of Canada. These are color changing baits, so when you drop them in, depending on the color of the water, they're going to change and just present a different type of presentation for the fish. And give it a try.

All right, what else? Baker. Baker is making its debut in a box. Baker Lures has been around since your dad fished and we're super excited about this. This is a 3.75" 1/2 ounce jerkbait. I think this one's a suspending one. Anyways, great pattern, love this. Jerkbaits this time of year, dope.

All right. We got a Z-Man CrossEye Jig and I love this one because it's Z-Man and they make great quality products. We also hooked you up with a brand new company called Thunderhawk. Thunderhawk, I think ... Yeah, Thunderhawk's out of Arkansas. They've got a famous bait designer that designs all their stuff. We're going to get ... It's an exclusive, we're going to be getting about three different products from them over the next few months and you guys are going to get those. I really love the colors of some of these craws. And, of course, you're going to need some hooks so we hooked you up with some Spearpoint Performance Hooks.

Oh yeah, sticker and a bag, right? These bags, our competitors, some of them, I'm not going to name names, they sell these things for 10 to 20 bucks. This is an 11 by 14 bag, it's made out of PVC. And you're going to get them every single month. Next month we're going to give you a different version made out of a different material. We're going to let you guys tell us which version you guys like better and then I will start creating those, multiple colors, multiple sizes. But every month you're going to get your bag in this. No more boxes, no more stuff that's no good, bad for the Earth. These are reusable bait bags.

I don't know, everyone else puts a 10 to 20 dollar MSRP on it, maybe I should put like $8 bucks or something, sell them at the store. Maybe I'll make them really cheap for subscribers, I don't know. They're quality and they're great, and they're now yours if you're getting the Regional Pro Series box or the National box. Multi-Species and our other boxes, we're going to phase those in a little bit. We've got to use the rest of those boxes and then we'll switch everyone over to the bait bag.

So if you got any questions comment down below. We got an exciting month. The following month is our Bassmaster Classic box, never been done before. Every bait in the box is a Bassmaster Classic winner, along with we'll put the Alex Rudd Silent Square Bill in there as well. I know we wanted to do it this month but we had some challenges with shipping, so it didn't make it here in time. This month you got a bait bag, best baits, best brand. I don't know, do we call it the best bag? Thanks a lot. I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye. 

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