June 2021 Unboxing

June 2021 Unboxing

It's topwater month at MONSTERBASS, and the June 2021 Regional Pro Series is loaded with amazing baits that are all about getting you those insane topwater blow ups! Check it out as Rick shows you the baits going into each region's box this month and see why MONSTERBASS is the better bag.

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Video transcript:


It's Topwater Month. I mean, aren't you excited? I am. I mean, I love Topwater, and I've been waiting to put together this Topwater Box together for you all year long. So, let me break it down for you. Clearly, you're getting a Z-Man Hollow Body Frog. It comes in two types. Whether you get the popper or the walker, it comes in two different sizes. You know it's quality. It's Z-Man. Do I need to say anything? It's Z-Man, and you're getting it in the Topwater Box.


What's next? New for 2021, the V-POP. It's an 80-mm popper from Vicious. Again, we scored the exclusive on Vicious new product releases from MONSTERBASS all year long. Any bait that you receive in this box from us, from Vicious, you won't be able to get anywhere else. So, there you have it. It's got some really nice texture, super sticky hooks, big cup at the front to displace water. So when you're chugging that thing across the top, it's going to displace the water and give you the action that you're looking for. Love this popper. I think you guys are going to. It comes with two super sticky Mustad hooks. Vicious really knocked it out of the park on this bait.


Let's see. What else? FAT Bastard Frog. So, FAT Bastard Frog is a Memphis-based company, and all they make is frogs. First of all, I want you to notice the angle of the hooks. They're pointed upright, so that when this thing compresses, you're going to get some better hookups. Sick design. I want you to notice the back. The tails, double tails, but they're together. That's going to give you a unique action, and it's got a single Colorado blade off the bottom for added flash. You don't see that in a lot of frogs. We're shipping you, you're going to get one of two or three different types of frogs from FAT Bastard. Big fan of those guys.


I needed to hook you up with a buzz frog. Again, its Topwater. went to Thunderhawk. We got another exclusive to MONSTERBASS. You won't see this in another box. I mean, you might now, but it's an exclusive for us. This one's cool. It's comes with the hooks, the weights, everything that you need, so you can easily change whatever bait you want to throw on the end of this. It makes it really easier. And what's cool about this one is we put in some soft plastic frogs into it. So, you're not going to get all of these. You're going to get some combination of them, but you can use these as trailers on your frog, or, I mean, on the buzz bait that we sent you. So, we sent some Z-Mans, some Stanley Ribbits, some Strike King Super Toads, and some Gene Larew Target Toads. You can always use these in combination with this, if you're not a fan of the frog that they provide for you. That's pretty nice.


What else? For MONSTERBASS, the Patriot 3.0. This is the first bait I ever designed. It's seen some changes over the years, but arguably my favorite bait, because I do love Topwater. You know it's MONSTERBASS because it says so right on the top. I spared no expense when I designed these. I'm touching these baits in terms from a painting perspective. I'm trying to touch them at least one to two times more than everybody else. So, the attention to detail is there, and it gives the fish something a little bit different. I hope you guys are going to love this one. What I did was I modified the painting, and then I added a rear-feathered treble to the 3.0, because I think what it does is when you're walking the dog and you give it the jerk to the side, it kind of just gives it that slow pause when you do it. And I think it gives it time for the fish to really hone in on it, and just attack it. You guys are going to love that.


What else? I scored you guys some hooks, because I did. Again, I walked you guys through all these soft plastics that you can either pair with the buzz bait, or I hooked you guys up with some Mustad red hooks that pair perfectly with your frogs. Depending on how you're rigging it, you're going to be set up. Then of course, I got you a sticker. I got you a golden ticket. We even hooked you up with a $10 gift card to the store. So, if you like any of the baits that are in this month's box, we're hooking you up with a $10 gift card so you can buy more. Then of course, your free entry to the MONSTERBASS big bass championships. It's a one fish tournament. It's free as a MONSTERBASS subscriber. If you're not a MONSTERBASS subscriber, you can join. It's 10 bucks.


Again, you're getting about 50 bucks worth of baits. You're getting a $10 gift card to MONSTERBASS. You get a $10 entry to the big bass championships. And again, we pack it all in a reusable bait bag, because we think they're perfect for the kayak, the backpack, and let's face it, the only thing the box is good for is starting fires in your backyard. I started a lot of fires in my backyard, but I don't need any more boxes. So that's why I feel like this one's box, we hit a home run with a bunch of exclusives, like the Z-Man and others. So, if you love Topwater action, you want to get this one, because it's going to sell out. I'm looking forward to seeing your comments. I'm looking forward to seeing a few of you crush your personal best, and I'm looking forward to MONSTERBASS Monday. I love you, guys. Thank you for your support. Next month, I got another surprise for you. You are going to love it.


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  • My blitz baits frog broke first cast. Didn’t even get a chance to catch a fish on it. When getting in back to the boat i notice the frog legs ripped right out of the back of it like nothing happened. Only took one cast with it on top of grass and just ripped right out. It split on both side right down the middle.

    Brody Hoshour |
  • My first cast with the Patriot 3.0.. monster chain pickerel !!!! Wish I could attach the picture !!

    Gary Simeone |
  • Hello my name is mark and and from the south east Ohio region myself. I am a avid fisherman when I can get out. I am emailing you to see if your company sent out free lure samples, If so.. I’d be more than grateful and appreciative. Thanks for your time!

    Mark Dunkle |
  • I only got one frog. Would of loved more topwater.

    Bradley Gyhra |
  • All about the topwater. Can’t wait for my bag! Yeeeeaaaaahhh!!!!

    Bass Rich |
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