May 2021 Unboxing

May 2021 Unboxing

The big bass are on the move, and the May 2021 Regional Pro Series Box has just what you need to catch 'em! Usually we only unbox the Western Region, but this time we're going through them all—a full breakdown of all the baits that are going into each region's box this month. We're really excited about this month's offering, and we think you're going to love it!

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Video transcript:

I'm back. I'm back. And I'm going to breakdown this month's box. It's right here. But before we do, I want you to think outside the box, because you already know we're the only company that sends their baits in a reusable bait bag. Why? Because the box serves no value and I'm hooking you guys up with something you can throw in your backpack on the kayak and away you go.

Now, before we get started, I'm going to do things a little bit differently this month. Last month, I unboxed the baits that I got and... I live in the west region. So one of the things that I heard from you guys was, "Well, I didn't get those baits." So rather than me just break down the region that I received, I'm going to show you everything that we're sending out this month, regardless of the region. So if you see a bait that you've seen before in a previous month, what I want to assure you is you're not going to receive it.

I do not send duplicates out. If you receive something and it's a duplicate, it was by mistake. You contact my customer service team. We take care of you. Okay? I repeat. If you see a bait in this month's box, it's not a duplicate. You're not going to receive a duplicate. It just means someone else is going to get it because I'm showing you everything. Now, before we get started, I've got three things to tell you about. The Big Bass Championships. That's right. It's a MONSTERBASS first, and you as a subscriber, you get to participate in the Big Bass Championships. That's right. What it is, it's a one fish tournament between now, May 1st, and the end of the year. You as a MONSTERBASS subscriber get to participate for free. You catch the biggest fish, you log in on Tourney X, you might win up to $10,000 worth of prizes.

That's right. We're having a tournament. Details will be included in your box. It's free as a MONSTERBASS subscriber. And if you in the general public want to watch it, it's just 10 bucks for you to participate. We're going to give away a ton of stuff. And again, it's free as a MONSTERBASS subscriber.

The other thing I'm going to do... Our good friends over at Detour Sunglasses put a $10 gift card into the box. So everybody's getting 10 bucks from the Detour Sunglasses. They make some pretty dope shades. Hopefully you guys will like them.

And then last but not least, each one of your boxes is going to contain the golden ticket. That's right. Every one of you is going to get an individually numbered golden ticket. You tune into MONSTERBASS live each and every Thursday at 4:00 Pacific time. We're going to call out some numbers.

And if we call out your number, you're going to win. Again, just something else that we're doing. All right. Now it's time to break down. Let's go through the baits in no particular order. And again, if you've seen these baits before, it was in a different region, not yours.

First and foremost, we got the River2Sea ICBM glide bait. Now we put this in a region previously, and I know a lot of you were hoping it... It's going in another region this month. So if you're hoping to get it, maybe you'll get it. I can tell you this one's in the Northeast region. What else do we got?

From Vicious fishing, we've got the SC70. It dives two to four feet. It's a great little crank bait, perfect for ponds, perfect for lakes. Great for this time of year. It comes in four different colors. Depending on the region of the country where you live, you'll probably get something different in terms of colors.

From Bait Labs, we've got a new bait for 2021. This is their new Surface Slammer. This is an interesting bait. Nah, let's just pull it out.

It's got super sharp, sticky hooks. Now the interesting thing about this thing, they call it the Surface Slammer. You throw this thing and it's going to slowly suspend. It's going to drop a little bit. So I don't love the name Surface Slammer but I love this bait. I think you guys give this a try, tie one on. You're going to love it. And again, that's another exclusive for MONSTERBASS. Bait Labs only works with MONSTERBASS, same as Vicious. And so we're excited to have them in this one's box.

You know how I feel about chatterbaits. We wanted to make sure that we hooked you up with a chatterbait this month. So we've got the Mustad Scatter Shad this month. And we've got a trailer specifically designed for this. So you're all going to get one of these Mustad Scatter Shads, but you're also going to get the Big Bite Swim On, which is specifically made for a bladed jig. It comes in multiple colors. I think you're going to absolutely crush them on this bait. The combination of a bladed jig and a trailer this time of year, bonus. I know we've got some blue gill color and we've got some shad colors going out the door. Two baits that I think you're going to love.

Let's see, what do we got? We've got some Bomber Fat-Free. It's from the Fat Free family. It's Fat Free bait. This is a Fire Tiger. It's another great little crank bait. Bomber has been around for years. You guys know them and love them.

Let's see. A couple of you guys got it this last month, and I know those that didn't were really upset. So I'm happy that we got to put this in another region. This is the Rick Clunn. It's a lipless. This is the Hail Mary. It's got a fatter face, so it kind of looks like...almost like a Rapala DT Series crank bait, but then it gets narrow in the body and it's lipless. Great bait. A lot of people had a ton of success last month. I think you guys will love it.

Let's see. One of the regions is yet to have this Baker Jerk bait. Now, again, Baker has been around for a long time and if you check them out on Tackle Warehouse, these guys go for a pretty penny. I'll be honest. I don't know a ton about Baker, so I apologize. But what I do know is they've been making quality lures since the 70s, and they're carried at every big box store in the country.

What do we got? We do have some spinnerbaits. One of the regions, we had the LunkerCandy spinner bait. We only put that in one region last previous month. And again, I know everyone was upset when they didn't get it. So this is going to go in another region this month.

What else? We've got another Strike King spinner bait. This one's from the Red Eye series. And if you notice the blade, you'll see they've got patterns on the blades. So again, it's got a Colorado and a Willow. The Colorado is Silver, and then there's the pattern on the Willow. Love this bait. You're going to love it too.

Let's do some soft plastics. Two regions that have never gotten the River2Sea Yabbies and I took all your emails. I heard you. I heard you. I called them up. I got a few more. So the regions that haven't gotten this bait, you're going to get this. Really pleased to bring that to you.

What else? New to MONSTERBASS from Deep Creek Lures. We've got you a full pack of the Carolina Shad, and this isn't a watermelon candy. And if you guys know Josh down at Deep Creek Lures, these guys are a family run business out of North Carolina. I absolutely love their soft plastics. I don't know if you can see this, but these are ridiculous. And if you can see the color in them, amazing.

Really, really excited. Deep Creek's going to be making an appearance a few times this year in here. Love Deep Creek. What else? We've got? We've got some plastics from Bama Baits, a Sanko. And we've got some Drop Shop baits from Smart Baits. And we've got some Biffle Bug Juniors. Now, Biffle Bug Junior is a smaller profile than the Biffle Bug. I know a few of the regions have previously had the Biffle Bug, but you've never had the Biffle Bug Junior. I really love these ones on a 3/16, 5/16 hard head. Great little bait.

What else we got? Let's see. From MONSTERBASS, the MONSTERBASS Hammerhead. This is a great crock color. Red this time of year is awesome. One of the regions hasn't gotten the Hammerhead yet, and we wanted to make sure we hooked you up, especially this time of year.

Let's see we've got... from Lucky Strike, we've got another spinner bait. This is the Lucky Strike Trickster. It's a Rick Clunn Lucky Strike spinner bait. It's got a hand-tied skirt, custom blades, and a rear weighted bullet head. It's designed to move through the water a little bit differently. So it tracks straight through the water column and the rear weighted head on this is really what's going to keep it in line. So we're excited to bring this to you guys. It's never been in the box before.

A new company out of Indiana, Raptor Lures. They make some soft plastics and hollow body frogs. These guys, you can find them at Cabela's and then at a few selected online retailers. This is the Matt Crasher Frog. It's perfect for lily pads, open water mats in some of the regions where frogs are prevalent right about now, this is a great bait to be throwing.

Let's see. Of course, we've got some stickers this month. We've got stickers from Lunkerhunt. We've got... Sorry, from Lunkerhunt. We've got some stickers from MONSTERBASS. We've got some hooks, of course. We. love Daiichi. Really, really great family that runs this company. And they're a big supporter of what we do. We love Daiichi.

We've got some more Daiichi hooks because we did throw some drop shop baits in there. And we've got some new baits from Xzone. As you know, Xzone is going to be in the box every single month this year. We're the only company that can say that. And you're the only people that are going to get some of their newest stuff before everyone else. This is the 4" Pro Series Slammer, great bait in partnership with Brandon Palaniuk and Xzone. And we paired it with some Daiichi Standout dropshot hooks.

Perfect combination. Again, what you'll notice is whether it was the Mustad Scatter Shad, we made sure we gave you a trailer for it. We hook you up with baits and hooks that all work together. We've got a Lunker Candy lipless. And finally, we've got another bladed jig. We've got a Strike King Thunder Cricket. So all in all, it's a pretty solid mix of baits for this month. I really hope you enjoyed this type of walkthrough. If you've got any questions, comment below.

Again, think outside the box folks. It's not just a box full of baits. We're building a community and you're a part of it. The Big Bass Championships is the newest component of it. As a subscriber, you get to participate and every time you go fishing, it could be worth 10,000 bucks. We'll be giving you details on that in another video, but your box will contain your free ticket, free entry into the Big Bass Championships.

As you know, your box will also contain your golden ticket, individually numbered ticket that you can tune into MONSTERBASS and I will be giving away everything from subscriptions, gift cards, rods, reels, you name it. Every Thursday, 4:00 PM Pacific. Don't forget Detour Sunglasses, $10 gift card in the box. Everything we do is about you, right? Without this, without you and your support, I couldn't do what I do and we wouldn't be able to do what we do for you. So thank you so much. If you've got comments, comment down below, and if you're already thinking about next month, June is going to be a pretty special month. I'm thinking about a theme. I'm thinking about this time of year. I'm thinking about some really dope brands. I think you're going to see some new brands and some baits from some brands that you haven't seen in a long time. So, thank you again for your support. Again, if you've got questions, comment down below and as always, thank you so much for your support. Have a great day.


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