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April Unboxing | Carolina Rig

It's April and we stacked the deck to give you everything you need to crush your PB! We lined up tutorials from Chad Hoover, Ty Berger, Travis Manson and Alex Rudd to help you get the most out of this month's baits and techniques, so you can get the jump on BIG spring bass. We cover everything from dialing in optimal jerkbait cadence, to fishing a crankbait through cover with confidence.

Plus, we go end-to-end on the Carolina rig, covering everything from the old ball and chain's basics, to revealing expert tricks and secrets used by the pros.

Whether you're new to bass fishing or looking to smash your next PB, the MONSTERBASS Regional Pro Series subscription is designed to help you become a better angler and put you on bigger bass more often. Each month, you'll receive a carefully crafted kit of baits hand-selected for where you live and fish, and a lesson plan that highlights bass fishing's most tried and true techniques.

Don't have a MONSTERBASS subscription yet? Check out our plans to see which program is right for you. Use code SAVE15 at checkout to get $15 off your first box!

Video transcript:
Speaker 1:
What's in the box? What's in the box? We don't know. We're not even using the box. All right. I'm back to walk you through this month's kit. Now, like I said, we're not using the box. The bag is back and clearly the baits are really excited to get into your hand. So let me tell you, we stacked the deck this month. That's right. We lined up Chad Hoover. We lined up Alex Rudd, BassFishingHQ, School of Fish. We lined up Epic Eric and more. These guys are going to teach you everything from jerk bait, cadence, to how to fish square bills with more confidence. And then they're going to go end to end on the Carolina Rig. That's right. Whether it's your first time or your 500th time, these guys have tips for beginners all the way through to experts. And I promise you're going to want to follow along because these guys are breaking down every bait that you receive in the box.

Speaker 1:
As you know, the kit comes with a 20 page guidebook that walks you through each and every one of these things. You're going to want to follow along. Scan the QR codes, it'll take you to the videos that these guys have created just for you. And if you stick with us for a year, I guarantee you're going to crush your personal best. That's right. We guarantee it. You stick with us for a year, we're going to give you all the baits that you need to fish every water in the country under any condition. And we're going to give you the tips and the techniques that you need each and every month. And if you follow along, you will crush your personal best. Your membership includes baits from some of the best brands in the business and this month is no different.

Speaker 1:
We got Z-Man. We got GrandeBass. We got hard baits from [inaudible 00:01:32]. These guys are crushing it on the major league fishing tour. Vicious, we've got tungsten weights, Lucky Strike and more. And if you've got questions about the baits that you received in the box, no problem. We got an 800 call in line and every Thursday we give you access to some of the best sticks on the planet. We've had KVD, Brandon Palaniuk, Alex Rudd, more on the show. So if you want to know how to fish a certain bait or what rod or line or reel to pair with it, just call in, ask, because it's all part of the membership. It's not just about the baits, but it's about how to use them. And we want to make sure that you know everything about these baits so that you can go out, catch more fish.

Speaker 1:
Now, if you like the baits that you received, we're going to give you a 30% off discount code so that you can head over to our store and buy more baits. No additional membership needed. It's just a coupon code that we give to our subscribers. Once you've watched all these videos and mastered how to fish these things, if you want to put your skills to the test, find out if the student can become the master. We give you tournament entry. That's right. Members only fishing tournament, where you can put your skills to the test, compete for cash and prizes each and every month. And you get all that with your membership to Monster Bass. You get the baits, you get the guidebook, you get the how-to videos, you get the access to the tip hotline, and you get the opportunity to compete against other people. And it all comes in one little box or this month, in a bag. All that from your friends at Monster Bass. Join today.

Speaker 2:
All right. [inaudible 00:03:05].

Speaker 1:
She was better at this. No, I want my girl back.

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