MONSTERBASS October Unboxing

October Unboxing | Good Stuff

This month’s box is the antithesis of why we do, what we do, at MONSTERBASS. It’s packed with all that’s good for the current conditions where you are fishing!

The best baits: Perfectly paired baits that are regionally & seasonally appropriate

A 20 page guidebook: to give you tips & tricks on each bait

200+ how-to videos: our channel is packed with some of the best content

MONSTERBASS Live: featuring expert anglers that’ll answer any questions you may have

Fishing Tip Hotline: Call in during LIVE and ask any question you have (323) 210-4180

NO LEAD SINKERS: if you want to cheat in a fishing tournament you’ll need to get your weights elsewhere 😂 So thank you for your support and next month we’re featuring baits from 13 Fishing!

Cheers. Rick

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