3 Great Winter Bass Baits You’re Not Fishing

3 Great Winter Bass Baits You’re Not Fishing

3 Great Winter Bass Baits You’re Not Fishing.  We all know the classic go-to bass baits thrown by so many in the winter. We also covered some other great winter baits not that long ago, that nobody talks about here on the Monsterbass blog. So here are 3 more great bass baits I catch monsters on each year during the winter season!



When fishing deep long flats, you want a bait that will get down, and fish efficiently at any pace. Slow rolling an underspin with a small swimbait attached is a great way to catch suspended bass at bottom, or anywhere along the column. I like adding a small dab of super glue to the soft plastic to get better use and longevity out of my swimbaits. Remember that just because we typically fish slower this time of year, doesn’t mean we can’t pump and bump our baits or lures to entice strikes!


Grubs are a classic pattern that excel in cold water! Fish a suspended grub in vertical cover to get some stationary bass to bite. Small and light ligheads offer a great falling action, and slowly retrieving a grub with loads of action will often get soft bites from lethargic bass. I like to fish a small diameter line that allows great feel and a faster sink rate for your lightweight baits.


Casting Jig

Casting a jig 45 degrees to banks and steeps is effective with soft plastics that wiggle, twist, and thump. I toss light line, for the same reasons I do when fishing grubs. I also tend to fish more natural colors and lighter presentations as well.

Hopefully this helps add a few more solid baits and techniques to your quiver this winter. All that’s left is to get out and hook a monster! Tight lines!

Colton Orbaker
Guide, author, teacher, & content creator
Twig N Timber Outdoors

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